NG hp.png HP souls.png Souls
0 854
1 6,000
2 6,600
3 6,750
4 7,200
5 7,350
6 7,500
7 7,650
Physical weaknesses
physical-def.png Standard
strike-def.png Strike
slash-def.png Slash
thrust-def.png Thrust
Elemental weaknesses
magic-def.png Magic
fire-def.png Fire
lightning-def.png Lightning
dark-def.png Dark
bleed.png Bleed Unknown
poison.png Poison Unknown
frost.png Frost Unknown


The very form of this creature is thought to be a form of brand, a punishment for sin.

— Description of the Symbol of Avarice


Item drops

High Wall of Lothric:

Cathedral of the Deep:

Catacombs of Carthus:

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley:

Irithyll Dungeon:

Profaned Capital:

Lothric Castle:

The Ringed City:

All Mimics have a chance to drop Symbol of Avarice.


  • A Mimic will have one moveset depending on it's location. They are:
    • Standing
    • Crawling
    • Chest

Most will use the standing moveset, whereas only a few will use the crawling and chest movesets.


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