Peasant Hollow
Peasant Hollow
NG hp.png HP poise.png Poise souls.png Souls
0 153 0 60
1 437 0 300
2 481 0 330
3 503 0 338
4 525 0 360
5 568 0 368
6 590 0 375
7 612 0 383
Physical Absorption
physical-def.png Standard -24%
strike-def.png Strike -22%
slash-def.png Slash -25%
thrust-def.png Thrust -24%
Elemental Absorption
magic-def.png Magic -24%
fire-def.png Fire -24%
lightning-def.png Lightning -24%
dark-def.png Dark -24%
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Susceptible
frost.png Frost Susceptible


Former inhabitants of the Undead Settlement, and followers of the Cathedral Evangelist.


Undead Settlement

  • Scattered throughout the area.
  • Six Lantern hollows, three Axe hollows, and three Plow hollows surround the burning tree with the Estus Shard in front of the building.
  • Infinitely spawning hollows appear throughout the first phase of the Curse-rotted Greatwood boss fight.

Irithyll Dungeon

  • Crossbow hollow and Axe hollow outside the room with the Estus Shard Mimic, where the player can first view the Profaned Capital.
  • Sickle hollow rests in ambush against a pillar in the same area.
  • Lantern hollow, Sickle hollow, two Mallet hollows, two Axe hollows, and two Crossbow hollows inside the hallway past the Mimic.

Item Drops

Undead Settlement

Irithyll Dungeon



  • Right-to-Left Combo: Swings their cleaver one-handed right-to-left, and finished by a one-handed left-to-right.
  • Two-Handed Combo: Two-hands their axe and swings left-to-right, and finished by a two-handed right-to-left.
  • Left-to-Right Swing: A single left-to-right one-handed swing with their axe.
  • Slam: Raises their axe overhead with both hands and slams down.
  • Flail: Charges forward while flailing their axe three times.


  • Right-to-Left Combo: Swings axe right-to-left, and finished by another right-to-left swing.
  • Left-to-Right Swing: A single slightly delayed left-to-right axe swing.
  • Slam: Raises axe overhead before delivering a single one-handed slam.
  • Firebomb: Some variants will throw Firebombs.


  • Thrust Combo: Thrusts forward with their plow, followed by another thrust, and finished by a delayed uppercut thrust.
  • Swing Combo: Swings plow left-to-right, and finished by a right-to-left.
  • Slam: Raises their plow overhead before slamming down.
  • Ground Stab: Moves and raises their plow before stabbing the ground.


  • Slam Combo: Raises their hammer overhead then slams down, and finished by another slam.
  • Delayed Slam: Raises their hammer overhead before a single delayed slam.
  • Right-to-Left Swing: A single right-to-left swing.
  • Shove: Shoves forward with their hammer.


  • Right-to-Left Combo: Swings right-to-left with their sickle, and finished by stabbing downwards with their dagger.
  • Left-to-Right Combo: Swings left-to-right with their dagger, and finished by swinging downwards with their sickle.
  • Quick Barrage: Flails their weapons, alternating between their sickle and their dagger for six swings.
  • Two-Handed Swing: Holds their sickle with both hands and swings downwards.
  • Slam: Jumps forward and slams down with their sickle and dagger.
  • Backstab: Runs a short distance before swinging dagger downwards for a backstab, slitting the player's throat if it hits their back.


  • Shoot: Fires a flaming bolt aimed at the player's current position.




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