Silver Knight
Silver Knight
NG hp.png HP souls.png Souls
Physical weaknesses
physical-def.png Standard
strike-def.png Strike
slash-def.png Slash
thrust-def.png Thrust
Elemental weaknesses
magic-def.png Magic
fire-def.png Fire
lightning-def.png Lightning
dark-def.png Dark
bleed.png Bleed Unknown
poison.png Poison Unknown
frost.png Frost Unknown



Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Anor Londo.

Item drops

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley:

Anor Londo:


  • Sword Version:
    • Steps into a downward diagonal slash to the left, then an outward horizontal slash. Usually follows up with a heavy downward swing to the left. Occasionally first to swings are repeated before ending with the heavy downward swing.
    • Runs up slightly into a heavy inward horizontal swing.
    • Steps forward into backhand-like bash with its shield, which takes out a large amount of stamina.
    • Swipes their sword inward horizontally as they hop back.
    • Thrusts their sword forward. Occasionally follows up with them swinging it horizontally to the right then left or a heavy downward swing to the left.
    • Raises their sword overhead and then swings it downward to the right in a wide arc. Can follow up with a forward thrust, a heavy downward swing to the left, or swinging their sword horizontally to the right then left.
  • Spear version:
    • Pulls their spear back, imbuing it with lightning before dashing forward and thrusting forward, covering great distance and range.
    • Thrusts their spear forward thrice.
    • Brings their spear under their arm before swinging it outward in a wide arc before following up with a brisk thrust forward.
    • Runs forward slightly before thrusting their spear forward. Sometimes follows up with an additional thrust.
    • Grips their spear with both hands, inbuing it with lightning before thrusting it forward. Usually follows up with them stepping into a strong upwards thrust, this sends you into the air and crashing toppling down.


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