Equip Load

Equip Load, also known as Equipment Load, is a stat that determines the player character's movement speed in relation to the total weight of all equipped Weapons, Armor, and Rings.

In-Game Description

Icon In-Game Description
Equip Load Icon Total weight of equipped weapons and armor.
Movement slows as load increases.
Exceed the rightmost number and movement slows dramatically.


Two types of Equip Load can be distinguished: the current Equip Load, which is the total weight of all equipped items, and the maximum Equip Load, which limits how much weight can be equipped.

The ratio of current Equip Load to maximum Equip Load determines the player's speed during certain functions:

  • Fast Roll - Below 30% Equip Load:
  • Medium Roll - Between 30% to 70% Equip Load:
    • The player rolls a moderate distance. Rolls have Hyper Armor.
  • Fat Roll - Between 70% to 100% Equip Load:
  • Overencumbered - Above 100% Equip Load:
    • The player cannot roll, run, or sprint, also suffers -14 to their Stamina Regen.


Vitality is the Attribute that increases Equip Load.
Source Effect
Ring of Favor +5% / +6% / +7% / +8%
Havel's Ring +15% / +17% / +18% / +19%


  • The sprint animation changes between Fast/Medium/Fat Rolling, but does not affect movement speed.

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