Equipment Load
Equip Load Icon Equipment Load, also known as Equip Load, is a derived attribute that determines the player character's movement speed in relation to the total weight of all equipped weapons, armors and rings.

In-game description

Total weight of equipped weapons and armor.
Movement slows as load increases.
Exceed the rightmost number and movement slows dramatically.


Two types of Equipment Load can be distinguished: The current Equipment Load, which is the total weight of all equipped items, and the maximum Equipment Load, which limits how much weight can be equipped.

The ratio of current Equip Load to maximum Equip Load determines the player's movement speed:

  • While below 30% equipment load the player rolls quickly and furthest (fast roll).
  • Between 30% and 70% equipment load the player rolls normally (med roll).
  • Between 70% and 100% equipment load the player rolls slowly (fat roll) and suffers -9 to their stamina regeneration.
  • Above 100% equipment load will preventing the player from rolling or sprints, and cause the player to suffer -14 to their stamina regeneration (no roll).

While the duration of a dodge roll is not influenced by the Equip Load, same can not be said about the distance covered by said roll. The lower the Equipment Load, the farther the roll distance, increasing the movement speed.

Increasing Equipment Load

The maximum Equipment Load can increased by raising the primary attribute Vitality. Additionally, Havel's Ring can be used to further increase the maximum Equipment Load by 15% to 19%, depending on the level of the ring.

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