Fading Soul


The fading soul of a corpse.

Use to gain a smattering of souls.

Let the fire Keeper transform this sovereignless soul into a source of strength, for to be Unkindled is to be a vessel for souls.


Consume for 50 Souls



Dropped from Grave Wardens in Cemetery of Ash

Dropped from Cage Spiders in Undead Settlement and Irithyll Dungeon.


Found in the graveyard after the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire in Undead Settlement

Near Holy Knight Hodrick's summon sign in Road of Sacrifices

Near the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley; go down the hallway stairs, and go right along the cliff

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Maximum Held Max. Held 99
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Sell Price Sell Price ?
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