Fire Clutch Ring


Ring depicting a hand grasping a red stone.
Increases fire attack, but compromises damage absorption.

An old fable in Londor claims that the lure of the clutch ring reaches out to the crestfallen, who might otherwise be overcome by despair.


Against enemies, increases Fire attack by 15% but reduces Physical damage absorption by 10%.

Against players, increases Fire attack by ~6% but reduces Physical damage absorption by 10%.


Undead Settlement treasure:
From the Dilapidated Bridge, head towards the Curse-rotted Greatwood.
Open the doors to the right of the Curse-rotted Greatwood's courtyard and continue forward, taking the right-most path.
The ring is at the end of a broken bridge behind the gallows.

weight.png 0.8
sell_price.png 400
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