Icon Name Damage Skill Durability Weight Requirements
Availability Reinforcement Material Special Note
Caestus.png Caestus 91/0/0/0/0
Perseverance 60 0.5 5/8/0/0
Undead Settlement treasure. Regular Paired Weapon.
Dark-Hand.png Dark Hand 88/0/0/0/150
Lifedrain 55 0.0 0/0/0/0
Sold by Yuria. None
Demon-s-Fist.png Demon's Fist 111/0/77/0/0
Flame Whirlwind 100 5.5 20/8/9/9
Transposed from Soul of a Demon. Boss Paired Weapon. Increased Stamina Damage.
literally_nothing.png Fist 20/0/0/0/0
Weapon Skill 0 0 0/0/0/0
Default equipment. None Slower. Reduced Stamina Damage.
  • When wielding a weapon with two hands, Strength is multiplied by 1.5x for meeting requirements and Scaling damage.
    • Paired Weapons can be effectively wielded despite the warning, but will not gain increased Scaling damage.
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