Flynn's Ring


Ring of Flynn, the eulogized thief.
Lowering equip load increases attack power.

Flynn fought with the wind on his side, and was a hero among the weak and poor, yet even his admirers knew that it was little more than an idyllic fable.


Undead Settlement treasure: In the area you fight the Demon with Siegward of Catarina, head to the highest roof in the area to find the ring


Lowering equip load increases attack power. The amount of attack rating gained is dependant on the raw weight of equipment held, rather than the percentage.

Equip Load Attack Power Increase
1.9 14.7%
3.9 13.7%
4.5 12.6%
8.9 10.4%
10.9 9.1%
15.9 6.0%
20.9 3.4%
26.4 1.35%
27.9 0.7%
29.4 0.15%

After 30.0 Equip Load, the ring bestows no benefit.

weight.png 0.9
sell_price.png 150
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