Focus Points

FP (i.e. Focus Points), represent a character's magical energy, and are required to cast Spells and use Skills.

In-Game Description

Icon In-Game Description
Required to use spells and Skills.
Use the Ashen Estus Flask, or rest at a bonfire to replenish.


Attunement is the Attribute that increases FP.
Source Usage
Dusk Crown Ring -25% for Spells, -15% HP
Farron Ring -25% for Skills


FP may be restored once lost.


Consumables Effect
Ashen Estus Flask Varies
Hidden Blessing Full FP
Equipment Effect
Handmaid's Dagger +1 / +2 FP on Strike
Executioner's Greatsword +6 FP on Kill
Aldrich's Sapphire +15 FP on Critical (Backstab / Riposte)



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