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This is probably somewhat late, but I attached the PDF to this page and added a file link. :)

gpl6467gpl6467 03 Dec 2016 20:45
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upgraded with titanite scales, not twinkling, oddly enough

Correction by gpl6467gpl6467, 03 Dec 2016 20:45
TrollgadenTrollgaden 29 Nov 2016 19:04
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I like the build honeslty but my comment directs to the end of your passage.
Aldrich is a male, not female. the figure he consumed is dark sun gwyndolin. efemin yet a male, you can pull up the gender identity. but sadly he is dead now and we cant ask him.
not trying to hate or make u angry, just wanted to say thart

Justin Leed

by TrollgadenTrollgaden, 29 Nov 2016 19:04

Can be poisoned

Father ariandel by Ramon Van de BeekRamon Van de Beek, 29 Oct 2016 15:28

Currently, there are lots of pages which are redirecting to others. For example :

And it works like that for lots of pages (armor sets, bosses …)

I am currently creating pages for the DLC content, but I can't find where I can create such redirects (I'm pretty sure I just don't have enough permissions to do so).
I created some of the pages, but for now, they don't redirect to anything : => =>

If i can't create the redirects myself, who can I contact to create them ?

You should be fine, there are a few bugs they fixed but it's highly unlikely you will encounter them or would lose save data over it, you may however get locked out of progress in some Covenants such as Rosaria's Fingers if you turn in too many at once (which is highly unlikely if you aren't going to play online.)

i thought i did it right but I guess not :(

Information Dump
FrilobotFrilobot 20 Sep 2016 14:37
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I don't really have time to be editing like I used to, so I thought I'd dump information here:

App 1.05.1, Regulation 1.11
Obscuring ring range: 7-8 Backsteps
Lock-on range w/ hidden body: 6 Backsteps
Lock-on range: 6 Backsteps

Information Dump by FrilobotFrilobot, 20 Sep 2016 14:37

Im just now getting this game and was wondering what the negatives could be of not updating the game with the patches. I don't plan on playing online and want to play it for a while without updating.

thanks in advance for any answers!

SecYeSSSecYeSS 19 Sep 2016 20:54
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Eastern Warrior link's not working..

by SecYeSSSecYeSS, 19 Sep 2016 20:54
TrollgadenTrollgaden 15 Sep 2016 17:36
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Doing my INT build I can run in and dodge there attacks with just enough time to heavily damage them with something like crystal soul spear. if you can line them up the farming becomes much easier

Justin Leed

by TrollgadenTrollgaden, 15 Sep 2016 17:36

Everything is fine now, there has been intermittent issues all weekend for unknown reasons. If you need to get hold of a moderator just send me a message via members page, i will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

…unfortunately the only forum on this wiki with any activity left is for Dark Souls 3, and I don't know where else to go to point out the issue? Anyway the page for "Black World Tendency" events does not load properly. It's just a blank white page. Tried it on both Firefox and Chrome, same problem. There are also problems when looking up the page using the Internet Archives' Wayback Machine. The most recent page I can open is a capture listed in October 2014. I don't know if any changes have been made to the page since then, but if there had been I have no way of telling. Anytime I look up a page with a capture after that date I just get this message pop-up:

" security error:
Your authentication token in the request is not valid. Please enable cookies in your browser and try to repeat the action.
If you see this message on the page not associated with the wiki hosting it probably means an identity theft attempt or improper use of service."

So… what's going on? Is there anyone available anymore to fix this? Ever since the forums for the other games shut down there's been no way to report any issues with any of the wikis for the games here besides, its seems, Dark Souls 3. Someone needs to keep the Demon's Souls wiki preserved, it's the most if not only comprehensive wiki for Demon's Souls on the Internet as of yet and I doubt anyone else is even going to attempt to make another one anytime soon. Don't let it die out or get overrun by errors like this! Keep some forum open for feedback/errors/something along those lines open for the other games if nothing else.

You didn't even state what specific weapons, and amour are used in the build!

by Brock7707Brock7707, 30 Aug 2016 13:10

just run past them and climb down the ladder for 6-7 steps, they'll eventuall both jump off and die

cheese em easy by ashraashra, 28 Aug 2016 08:57

There's also Carthus Cancer Sword, Gothhard Twinswords and ANY fucking fist weapon. For a slower weapon, toss in the fucking Dragonslayer Greataxe or the Astora Greatsword.

Better balance, better plot, better atmosphere, more polished, more original, fewer useless gimmicky items, no cheap deaths, no backtracking, no fan service, better pacing, more viable character builds, better pvp(from what I hear. I never did much pvp), better implementation of risk/reward mechanic, better voice acting, better characters, cooler bosses/enemies, less faggy looking armor, less faggy looking weapons, and just all-around better in almost every imaginable way. The only things I would change about Demon's Souls are ladder slides and load times.

Thoughts, anyone?

45 Vitality (without rings and weapons) to be able to wear the full Havel Set and stay under the fat-roll limit.

43 Vitality + RoF is the next break point. 36 if using only Havel's Ring.
34 if combined the rings.

42 Vitality + RoF1 is the next break point. 34 if using only Havel's Ring 1.
32 if combined the rings.

41 Vitality + RoF2 is the last break point. Still 34 if using only Havel's Ring 2.
31 if combined the rings.

Seems like the default rings are good enough for the set alone, the other rings usually save only 1 or 2 points in Vitality compared to base value of other rings, and have diminishing returns on their performance (the worst being Havel's Ring 2). They only catch up once you start pushing high end in the 80+ region Vitality.

If using all the gear (Shield and Tooth): Cannot medium roll with with pure vitality, or any of the RoF rings alone.

Need at least 96 Vitality and Havel's Ring. 92 if RoF combined.

Need at least 94 Vitaltiy and Havel's Ring 1. 88 if RoF1 combined

Need at least 93 Vitality and Havel's Ring 2. 86 if RoF2 combined.

Seems like the Rings in the +1 rating give the best performance, but since it's pushing the limit on SL as is (best starting Class would be Warrior for 125-150 cap), the +2 versions can be seen as pretty much core, regardless performance circumstances of the rings themselves, especially if the user wishes to 1 hand the Dragon Tooth.

Much better performance can be seen if instead the build is left at fat-rolling range (but under 100%), and using the Shield as it's main defensive tool with a large Endurance pool coupled with the +2 Rings family (and any other rings which benefit the defensive capabilities of the setup), with a Thrall Offhand Axe to closing the gap. At this point, only about 50 Vitality is needed and both the HP and Stamina pools can be capped at the 40 values instead of only 20-25 range.

does anyone know how to insert a picture into a thread? Just went on to NG++++++++++(10), thought I would share.

How to Add a PIcture by RU CustumRU Custum, 10 Aug 2016 16:24

I haven't been here for quite some time, for a few reasons. But I'm back now and will use this site instead of fextralife. Every time I'm on the fextralife website, I get warning messages about "script has stopped" and " is attempting to access the internet (adware). There's a ton of side-bar videos running that aren't game-related. I didn't go to that site to buy a salad spinner or a sock dryer. But there they are. I hate money and the entire concept of money. I view it as a product that the govt and federal reserve bank are trying to sell to the public (and quite successfully i might add)In other words, it's bull s***. Most people don't know that and most people don't know that the Federal Reserve isn't a govt entity but is in fact a privately owned bank.
Anyway, i'm getting off track. My point is that fextralife has become too revenue-motivated and is tainting my experience. There's nothing wrong with a site putting adds up. Nothing at all. But when by eyeballs are being slammed continuously and my computer is warning of viruses, it's gone too far.

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