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This forum is just some guy’s opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised that Demon Souls was someone’s least favorite game of the Souls franchise.

Also on the Subject on which game is better I personally think all the games have weaknesses and strengths.

Never had the opportunity to play Demon's Souls as it was a Playstation exclusive. Is it a cop-out to say I like all 3 of the Dark Souls games? I bought and played them in order. Certainly DS1 was the hardest given that I took it on with zero expectations. DS2 had terrific content and DLC. DS3 is the most refined and tuned up a bit. I still play all 3 games in my Xbox rotation.

1. Instead of saying the "Beckon" Gesture is received from Yoel of Londor, I suggest you mention that you gain it after using the "talk" option for him.
2. for "Call over" you can use many items, and not just a homeward bone. Some are:
a sacred chime, avelyn (triple-shot crossbow), coiled sword fragment, either blessing item, Eleonora (ax from profaned capital), Loretta's bone (not recommended, greirat is a very good merchant), mendicant's staff, shriving stone, undead bone shard (not recommended unless fully upgraded) and vertebra shackle.
3. for the "welcome" gesture, It should be mentioned that you gain the gesture after talking (not the option) with him after his initial "oh, you saved me, thanks" dialogue.
4. "Quiet Resolve" Is gained after talking to anri after gaining the ring of the evil eye.
5. "Hurrah" Is gained after using the talk option to Andre for the second time.
6. "Prayer" Is gained after touching Irina at her request in the Undead Settlement.
7. It should be mentioned that "Silent Ally" Is gained when using the talk option with him (it may take multiple tries, as he might give the young dragoncrest ring first if you haven't already obtained that from him). This is a package deal with Slumbering dragoncrest ring.
8. Prostration can also be gained if you don't forgive Patches in Firelink Shrine, though only if you did this encounter before the one in cathedral of the deep.

Great guide, though! just needs a little fine-pointing.

I've been playing through 3 and I immediately noticed 3's GUI on this wikidot isn't as artistic as Demon's Souls or Dark Soul's. Dark Soul's 2 is pretty good although it could use a better image behind the title and more of the traditional wikidot look. Is there anyway this can be updated as currently both of those games look like merely cover art and not unique like the older games. I think the silver buttons / game names gave these wiki's a lot of character along with the finely readable text. I've always went to the wikidots because of the community back on Demon's Souls and the sites attractive style which I found better than the other sites on information for these games. I could make a image more like Demon's Souls format but fit it to the newer wiki's format, if there's a way it can be updated.

Another thing I was curious about is there anyway I or we could add in game shots of the weapons as I've not seen this anywhere collectively for this game, a lot of the in game icons are cut off. The actual 3d version of the weapon is superior for seeing what you like the look of and either picking a class or build based on that. They could be compressed or scaled down so that they don't take a lot of space. Wowhead for World of Warcraft does this well and I think it'd be a good huge addition. Armor page has a great gallery but I don't see anything like that for weapons even when you click in on each weapon.

Life's about doing the most good that you can while also enjoying it.

Site GUI Art by NikbawkerNikbawker, 09 Jan 2020 22:31

If you kill Horace and fail the ''Lord of Hollows questline'' for example by killing Yuria of Londor, and you summon him/her for the Aldrich, Devourer of Gods boss fight. He/She will appear Cathedral of the Deep Bonfire in the location where you find the Crest Shield and where you can do a plunging attack on the Bandit enemy. after you kill Anri here you will be able to buy her Armor set from the Shrine Handmaid.

Hollow Anri's location by NAATTARINAATTARI, 17 Jul 2019 14:13
mcRebemcRebe 04 Apr 2019 17:24
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Pus of Man

At first: If I want to edit this site, the following msg appear: The site is locked.
So what's a Wiki without editing free? Sad.

Elemental weaknesses:
Fire: weak

Weakness by mcRebemcRebe, 04 Apr 2019 17:24

Great, like it!

by FressfeindFressfeind, 12 Jan 2019 20:22

Join the Rosaria's Fingers covenant and give at least one Pale Tongue to Rosaria.

Instead of joining to the covenant you may purchase one of Rosaria's services.

I'm currently running my own version of this with my own modifications. My stats currently are: 22 vgr, 24 att, 25 end, 20 vit, 24 str, 25 dex, 40 on both int/fai, and 30 on luck.

My equipment is: Dark exile greatsword +10, shield of want base, dragonrider's bow in left slot 2, pyro flame +9 in right slot 2. rings are: dark clutch ring, havel's ring, ring of the sun princess, and covetous silver serpent ring. Armor: switch between cornyx set/fallen set/and lothric's robe set.

My damage is high enough that I can one-shot the red eyes lothric knight just ahead from the dancer's bonfire with a backstab. This blade hits like a beast when infused properly.
I tried running your build, but it just wasn't high enough damage for bosses and late-game mobs.

Running this by Frost13fyreFrost13fyre, 26 May 2018 09:42

they're weak to ranged, fire, and bleed. dorhys' gnawing for the win!!!!

weaknesses by Frost13fyreFrost13fyre, 23 May 2018 17:46

The correct way to acquire this tome as opposed to the quelana pyromancy tome, as stated above by gekko88, is to head into the passage just before the greataxe black knight, locate/light the old king's antechamber bonfire, proceed to locate the chaos gem, from the chaos gem; find several smoldering grus, tome should be located in medium-sized rectangular chamber with at least one spear gru and a large petrified gru corpse holding the izalith pyromancy tome. that, or just google 'pyromancy tome locations'. Or youtube. youtube usually helps.

Correct way of acquisition by Frost13fyreFrost13fyre, 23 May 2018 14:58
Re: Equips?
Frost13fyreFrost13fyre 18 May 2018 13:24
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » The Tank

They did, in the visual. Greatsword, Tsorig's black iron set + greatshield, and possibly the knight slayer's ring for extra stamina drain on foes. I'd say the chloranthy ring for stamina regen, havel's ring for extra equip load if that 40 vit isn't enough, the ring of steel protection for even more tankyness, and the last ring slot can be anything conducive to the build.

I like to use the health regen ring to heal myself while I'm turtling with my greatshield, silver covetous ring for more souls (although personally, I like to use the gold covetous ring and farm stuff from the lothric knights in front of the dancer's arena and throughout lothric castle), or even a ring of sacrifice because they're bound to die at some point.

Re: Equips? by Frost13fyreFrost13fyre, 18 May 2018 13:24

Any source for this name?

by ArbieWDArbieWD, 05 May 2018 07:59

R1: weak
R2: weak
L2: weak

moveset by Van ForemanVan Foreman, 30 Apr 2018 17:03

This is untrue. I was recently summoned as a blue and killed two Aldrich and two red invaders. The Aldrich Faithful did not drop Proofs and the reds only dropped regular Proofs as they weren't Rosaria's Fingers. But it makes sense that Rosaria's Fingers would drop the special proofs as the two covenants are opposed. Drawing this from the fact that you fail Sirris' quest for helping Leonhard.

by LyberatisLyberatis, 14 Mar 2018 02:54
Leeho730Leeho730 21 Feb 2018 11:01
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Harald Legion Knight

Or parry

by Leeho730Leeho730, 21 Feb 2018 11:01

You can also R1 at them for a immediate "riposte" when they raise both claws to attack you

Re: Giant Crab Weakness by ApagaApaga, 15 Jan 2018 16:37

Apparently there's no "Notes" section for items

Re: Page Structure by ApagaApaga, 13 Jan 2018 13:25

Something else I noticed is that jumping on them breaks their poise immediately.

Re: Giant Crab Weakness by viomiviomi, 11 Jan 2018 18:35
ApagaApaga 10 Jan 2018 19:10
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Great Crab

~1539 health on NG

How do I edit things here?

by ApagaApaga, 10 Jan 2018 19:10
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