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Gamechive tried to add external links to their video on Dark Souls 3 on the Wiki page. I removed them. You can find an example here:

Removing their historical viral links.

Viral Marketing - Gamechive by arbiejnrarbiejnr, 24 May 2017 06:31

Some of the items in the "Usage" section should probably be moved to the "Notes" section…

Page Structure by pblackicepblackice, 22 May 2017 21:26
arbiejnrarbiejnr 19 May 2017 16:17
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Damage dealt to Gael (boss) with a Raw Broadsword +10 - Resin Type

154 charcoal pine resin
156 gold pine resin
154 magic pine resin
155 dark pine resin

Testing was done by Toraso.

by arbiejnrarbiejnr, 19 May 2017 16:17
arbiejnrarbiejnr 19 May 2017 16:14
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Slave Knight Gael

Try not to spoil the boss details from the get go of the article.

by arbiejnrarbiejnr, 19 May 2017 16:14
arbiejnrarbiejnr 14 May 2017 08:38
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Stone-humped Hag

Needs dialogue for +++ Answer "No business in particular"

by arbiejnrarbiejnr, 14 May 2017 08:38

The image is correct. If you check the lothric knight set, you'll see the image on the cape is the lothric banner symbol, and not a golden dragon. Also, the helmets of the armor sets is different, along with other details you can notice if you look.

Re: Image is incorrect by kratos117kratos117, 10 May 2017 12:27

Crystal Magic Weapon with 60 INT and Court Sorcerer's Staff adds 227 damage and has 238 SB.
227/238 = 0.9537815126

Spell Buff Efficiency by Fire Keeper SinFire Keeper Sin, 09 May 2017 05:43

Darkmoon Blade with 60 FAI and Yorshka's Chime adds 235 damage and has 247 SB .
235/247 ~ 0.95141700404

Spell Buff Efficiency by Fire Keeper SinFire Keeper Sin, 09 May 2017 05:43

Numbers for equip load/weight are off. The helm weighs 5.4, the armor weighs 13.4, the gauntlets weigh 3.9, and the leggings weigh 8.2. So, total weight equals 30.9, not 32.

Weight issue by kratos117kratos117, 07 May 2017 03:42

Thanks to the fp regen, low strength (19) and dexterity (13) requirements, and combo of slash/blunt damages, this weapon would be great with the dusk crown ring and a healing miracle. Pair with butcher's knife in main hand two-handed and this blade on your back, survival with the dusk crown ring is viable.

Good use by kratos117kratos117, 02 May 2017 04:47

Fp is 6 points per kill. Tested at Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, with darkwraiths killing ghrus. It's great if you use supplementary miracles and sorceries. I'm currently blitzing the catacombs with this thing at +4 and 36 strength. Everything dies in 1, maybe 2 hits. It's awesome, overall.

it will jump on the bridge then go back because pyromacies will be shooting at u so go where the ladder is (going down from Profaned Capital bonfire) and kill it from there

strategy by ChaosKillerChaosKiller, 01 May 2017 08:00

Added the correct upgrade table, but the stats are wrong.

by XethaiosXethaios, 04 Apr 2017 19:33

I found the armour in the room where you speak to Shira, you find it after killing her and/or killing midir

Location by DarkSoulsNoobDarkSoulsNoob, 01 Apr 2017 13:58

Picture is shown with sunset leggings instead of sunset.

All AR will be calculated off of the Deprived Stat Line, Other classes may be More Optimal for wielding this weapon. Calculated with mugenmonkey

Base Infusion: (40/40) 406AR, 60 Soul Levels
Sharp Infusion: (13/60) 390AR, 53 Soul Levels
Refined Infusion: (40/40) 386AR, Lesser base infusion
Heavy Infusion: Just… Just don't…

Maximum Weapon AR by GroroarGroroar, 25 Mar 2017 05:15

Please add them whenever you find them at their lowest possible base damages, etc.

Updated and New Weapon Values by arbiejnrarbiejnr, 24 Mar 2017 10:09
arbiejnrarbiejnr 17 Mar 2017 14:46
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Add poise health information to Poise for any attacks, especially when Ringed City patches/new weapons are out.

Use the calculator source provided for the website link on the page for reference, scroll down to the latest sources. Do not overwrite old information unless any changes.

by arbiejnrarbiejnr, 17 Mar 2017 14:46

Nuff said read the title 👆🏼

I hate these guys. by RedDarklord0900RedDarklord0900, 17 Mar 2017 14:15
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