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This is the most annoying enemy ingame bc of the health drain and their attack style. They are vulnerable to poison and fire.

Annoying Jailers by Dragon Souls 9Dragon Souls 9, 24 Feb 2017 04:15

I have tried multiple times to poison/toxic this enemy and it does not work The rock lizard takes normal damage from fire,normal damage from dark, reduced damage from lightning, weak against magic.. Also their fire breath attack does go through walls. Their roll attack has very high tracking and as such it is not wise to kill this enemy when locked onto it.

The last time I ran into this particular knight i normaly ignore and kill it later but, the lastest time I ran into this knight I got the wyverns nearby to kill it but also died at the same and still got the weapon it drops. This is a better method than direct combat.

I recently when through profaned capitol using a +4 sharp ugikatana with 20 STR and 20 DEX and the pontiff right eye ring and it took only 3 hits to bleed them, but they have to be bleed twice to kill them. The perfect place to test their weaknesses is the wrath of the gods miracle location, the place where one can find the court sorcerer armor/clothes.

This enemy is weak against strike damage and resistant to slash damage, thrust damage, and the perfect spot to test this enemy is at the crucifixion woods bonfire ( giant crab is literally next to bonfire).**

Giant Crab Weakness by Dragon Souls 9Dragon Souls 9, 24 Feb 2017 03:40

Okay, well I agree that Demon's Souls is the best, after all it started the entire line of games. The pvp while I didn't play to much of, it for sure doesn't have the best pvp. There can be backtracking that has to be done but not 100% of the time. The rest that I didn't comment on is either: I agree, is personal opinion, or I have no input on. But like I said Demon's Souls is my favorite and started it all.

I would use toxic and that should get you fairly close to the hp of (X) enemy.

Yeah I love Drakeblood greatsword too, pretty decent moveset, good damage, can be buffed and light weight.

by Raziel_LaFeyRaziel_LaFey, 20 Feb 2017 11:21

In my opinion the Drakeblood great sword is the best great sword just because the r1 has a chance to catch back roll so really I use yorshkas chime 👈🏻 Typo I think but for buffs I use sacred oath and lightning blade it hits like a truck I used 60 faith for the chime

by RedDarklord0900RedDarklord0900, 09 Feb 2017 13:54

Honestly soul stream is a pve spell for bosses but it can hit really hard but it's to slow to use in pvp I normally use obscuring ring red tear stone ring and use it so it one shots phantoms and possibly the host

by RedDarklord0900RedDarklord0900, 09 Feb 2017 13:48
LewisthedukeLewistheduke 09 Feb 2017 00:02
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Giant Slave

The Giant Slave In Cathedral Of The Deep Closest To The Deacons Of The Deep Boss Fight Can Be Lured Out To The Platform That Doesn't Slow You Down. Doing This Makes The Fight Much Easier.

by LewisthedukeLewistheduke, 09 Feb 2017 00:02

Yeah but when you face players using bleed based weapons your bleed will stack up and fill up too quickly.

by Raziel_LaFeyRaziel_LaFey, 07 Feb 2017 11:47

Oh and the self bleed isn't that bad to where you need blood bite ring put dark clutch in place of blood bite imo

by RedDarklord0900RedDarklord0900, 06 Feb 2017 18:16

Attack typo it spelled ark for sum reason

by RedDarklord0900RedDarklord0900, 06 Feb 2017 18:15

The combo is r1, r2 light ark then heavy it wrecks in pop bleed builds you have to two hand the scythe for it to work

Combo by RedDarklord0900RedDarklord0900, 06 Feb 2017 18:14
End3rlock124End3rlock124 20 Jan 2017 12:27
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Todo

How do you add a build to this wiki I have a half decent build

Build by End3rlock124End3rlock124, 20 Jan 2017 12:27

the chime can be bought from the handmaid for 4000 souls. (Greirat's Ashes Required)

buy chime by GoodHydraGoodHydra, 11 Jan 2017 08:46

the shield can be bought from the handmaid for 5000 souls. (Greirat's Ashes Required)

buy shield! by GoodHydraGoodHydra, 11 Jan 2017 08:27

i love this idea of useing late game items for an eary build. it seems so op and over the top for pvp. but if i wanted to do this build id honestly have people give me the itemes from other games so i wouldnt have to and i could just punish all the people just getting the game.
bravo indeed on this build

Justin Leed

like wow by TrollgadenTrollgaden, 09 Jan 2017 18:55

This is probably somewhat late, but I attached the PDF to this page and added a file link. :)

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