Used to communicate with other players or activate ingame events. The gesture menu can be accessed by pressing the Select / Back button.

Icon Name Location
Point%20Forward.png Point Forward Automatically Received.
Point%20Up.png Point Up Automatically Received.
Point%20Down.png Point Down Automatically Received.
Wave.png Wave Automatically Received.
Joy.png Joy Automatically Received.
Bow.png Bow Automatically Received.
Duel%20Bow.png Duel Bow Received after summoning Londor Pale Shade before Pontiff Sulyvahn or Abyss Watchers.
Dignified%20Bow.png Dignified Bow Received from meeting Yuria of Londor.
Proper%20Bow.png Proper Bow Received after summoning Yellowfinger Heysel in Farron Keep between the Keep Ruins bonfire and the Wolf's Blood Gate. (Must have given Rosaria at least one Pale Tongue).
Hurrah.png Hurrah Talk to Blacksmith Andre.
Rest.png Rest Rest at a Bonfire.
Praise%20the%20Sun.png Praise the Sun Received from praying at the Altar of Sunlight in Lothric Castle.
Collapse.png Collapse Received from meeting Hawkwood.
Prayer.png Prayer Received from Irina.
Toast%281%29.png Toast Received by talking to Siegward of Catarina after defeating the demon in Undead Settlement.
Call%20Over.png Call Over Give a Homeward Bone to Pickle Pee.
Legion%20Etiquette.png Legion Etiquette Pray to the Old Wolf of Farron
Darkmoon%20Loyalty.png Darkmoon Loyalty Received from Sirris of the Sunless Realms when meeting her in Firelink Shrine for the second time.
Welcome.png Welcome Received after talking to Cornyx of the Great Swamp in Firelink Shrine.
By%20my%20Sword.png By My Sword Received after summoning Black Hand Gotthard before the Abyss Watchers or Pontiff Sulyvahn.
Beckon.png Beckon Received from Yoel of Londor in Firelink Shrine.
Stretch%20Out.png Stretch Out Found on the corpse of Laddersmith Gilligan on the first bonfire in Profaned Capital.
Path%20of%20the%20Dragon.png Path of the Dragon Found on a corpse after Oceiros, the Consumed King boss fight.
Applause.png Applause Received by talking to Ringfinger Leonhard after defeating the Darkwraith in High Wall of Lothric at his request.
Quiet%20Resolve.png Quiet Resolve Acquired by talking to Anri of Astora when meeting her next to the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
Rejoice.png Rejoice Received from Siegward of Catarina when returning his armor, Catarina Set, in the well.
Jump%20for%20Joy.png Jump For Joy Automatically Received.
My%20thanks.png My Thanks Received after being invaded by Knight Slayer Tsorig in the Catacombs of Carthus. Also when killed by Tsorig in Smouldering Lake
Silent%20Ally.png Silent Ally Given by Orbeck of Vinheim after purchasing Aural Decoy, Farron Flashsword, Hidden Body, Pestilent Mercury and Spook from him.
Sleep.png Sleep Talk to Siegward of Catarina when he says he's going to take a nap after fighting the Fire Demon in Undead Settlement.
Curl%20Up.png Curl Up Talk to Greirat of the Undead Settlement after giving him Loretta's Bone and resting at the bonfire.
Patches%20Squat.png Patches Squat Talk to Unbreakable Patches once he becomes a merchant at Firelink Shrine
Prostration.png Prostation Talk to Unbreakable Patches after raising the bridge he lowered that you were crossing when he was disguised as Siegward of Catarina and choosing "You know me" dialog option
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