Burial Gifts

Starting Items

These are the items that can be chosen at the start of the game. All gifts aside from the Life Ring are consumable. All gifts can be obtained after the start of the game. The Sovereignless Soul is not unique; it becomes a Soul of a Nameless Soldier worth 2,000 souls when the game begins.

Icon Gift Usage
Life%20Ring.png Life Ring Raises maximum HP by 7%.
Divine%20Blessing.png Divine Blessing Fully restores HP and cures ailments. You receive 1.
Hidden%20Blessing.png Hidden Blessing Fully restores FP. You receive 1.
Black%20Firebomb.png Black Firebomb Causes damage when it explodes. You start with 5 Black Firebombs.
Fire%20Gem.png Fire Gem Material used to perform infusion on a weapon. This infusion gem will make it into a Fire-infused weapon. You receive 1.
2346646141_Data1.png Sovereignless Soul Used to acquire 2,000 souls. Becomes the Soul of a Nameless Soldier when the game begins.
Rusted%20Gold%20Coin.png Rusted Gold Coin Greatly increases Item Discovery by 100 for 60 seconds. You receive 7.
Cracked%20Red%20Eye%20Orb.png Cracked Red Eye Orb Used to invade another world. You receive 4.
Young%20White%20Branch.png Young White Branch Can be used to blend into the environment (like Chameleon) for a short while. This branch also allows you to pass safely around the white trees in Undead Settlement, Farron Keep, and Cathedral of the Deep without befriending the Undead Settlement Giant.
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