Great Magic Shield


Sorcery which improves upon Magic Shield.
Greatly reinforces left shield with magic.

Only sorcerer-swordsman with special duties are permitted the use of this spell, which temporarily grants even the smallest of shields fortitude more akin to that of a greatshield.


Greatly reinforces left shield with magic.

Greatly increases shield stability. Lasts 30 seconds (40 seconds with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring).


Dropped by a Corpse-grub in a cell in Irithyll Dungeon. After you kill the first Jailer, drop down one floor and open the door to the creature.

Great Magic Shield
Spell Category Sorcery
Effect Type Utility
FP Cost 45 FP
Attunement Slots Used 1 Attunement Slot(s)
Sell Price / Soul Value 0 Souls
Intelligence Requirement 18 Intelligence
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