Icon Name Damage Skill Durability Weight Requirements
Availability Reinforcement Material Special Note
Bastard-Sword.png Bastard Sword 138/0/0/0/0
Stomp 75 8.0 16/10/0/0
Sold by Greirat or with Greirat's Ashes. Regular
Black-Knight-Sword.png Black Knight Sword 173/0/0/0/0
Perseverance 100 10.0 20/18/0/0
Smouldering Lake treasure. Unique Unique R2s.
+20% Damage VS Demons.
Claymore.png Claymore 138/0/0/0/0
Stance 75 9.0 16/13/0/0
High Wall of Lothric treasure.
Irithyllian Slave drop.
Regular Different R2s.
Unique 2H Rolling Attack.
Drakeblood-Greatsword.png Drakeblood Greatsword 89/71/0/71/0
Stance 75 6.5 18/16/0/0
Drakeblood Knight drop. Regular Different Moveset.
Executioner-s-Greatsword.png Executioner's Greatsword 134/0/0/0/0
Stomp 85 9.0 19/13/0/0
Cathedral of the Deep treasure. Regular Restores 6 FP on kill.
Firelink-Greatsword.png Firelink Greatsword 128/0/89/0/0
Ember 105 9.0 20/10/10/10
Transposed from the Soul of the Lords. Boss
Flamberge.png Flamberge 158/0/0/0/0
Bleed 36
Stance 70 8.5 15/14/0/0
Hollow Slave drop. Regular Skill R2 has higher damage.
gaels_greatsword.PNG Gael's Greatsword
Blade of Peril 55 9.0 19/13/0/0
Transposed from the Soul of Slave Knight Gael. Boss Different R2s.
Greatsword-of-Judgement.png Greatsword of Judgment 110/86/0/0/0
Stance of Judgment 85 9.0 17/15/12/0
Transposed from the Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn. Boss
Hollowslayer-Greatsword.png Hollowslayer Greatsword 145/0/0/0/0
Stance 70 8.5 14/18/0/0
Transposed from the Soul of the Rotted Greatwood. Boss Different Moveset.
+20% Damage VS Hollow.
Moonlight-Greatsword.png Moonlight Greatsword 69/130/0/0/0
Moonlight Vortex 75 10.5 16/11/26/0
Transposed from the Soul of Consumed Oceiros. Boss Charged R2s fire projectiles.
Onyx-Blade.png Onyx Blade
Elfriede's Blackflame 75 9.0 14/12/15/15
Sir Vilhelm drop. Unique Different R2s.
Skill adds Fire.
Storm-Ruler.png Storm Ruler 154/0/0/0/0
Storm King 10 8.0 0/0/0/0
Siegward drop.
Profaned Capital treasure.
Boss Skill effective VS Yhorm.
Twin-Princes-Greatsword.png Twin Princes' Greatsword 126/0/83/0/0
Sacred Lothric Light/Flame of Lorian 95 9.5 22/14/0/0
Transposed from Lorian's Greatsword and Lothric's Holy Sword. Boss
Wolf-Knight-s-Greatsword.png Wolf Knight's Greatsword 139/0/0/0/0
Wolf Sword 95 11.5 24/18/0/0
Transposed from the Soul of the Blood of the Wolf. Boss Unique R2s.
+20% Damage VS Abyssal.
Wolnir-s-Holy-Sword.png Wolnir's Holy Sword 151/0/0/0/0
Wrath of the Gods 70 7.5 13/13/0/13
Transposed from the Soul of High Lord Wolnir. Boss
  • When wielding a weapon with two hands, Strength is multiplied by 1.5x for meeting requirements and Scaling damage.
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