HP (i.e. Health Points) controls the living status of the player. Once it reaches zero, the player dies and is returned to the last bonfire they rested at, losing their Souls.

In-Game Description

Icon In-Game Description
HP Icon One's mettle, or will to live.
Character dies when this reaches zero.
Use the Estus Flask, or rest at a bonfire to replenish.


Vigor is the Attribute that increases HP.
Source Effect
Ring of Favor +3% / +4.5% / +5% / +6%
Life Ring +7% / +8% / +9% / +10%
Ember +30% until death
Dusk Crown Ring -15%


HP may be restored once lost.


Consumables Effect
Siegbrau [MaxHP * 0.2] + 100
Estus Flask Varies
Divine Blessing Full health
Equipment Effect
Pontiff's Left Eye +30 on Successive Attacks
Arstor's Spear +30 on Kill
Ring of the Evil Eye +30 / +33 / +35 / +37 on Kill
Aldrich's Ruby +85 on Critical
Spells Effect
Heal Aid Spell BuffCatalyst × 1.5
Heal Spell BuffCatalyst × 3.0
Med Heal Spell BuffCatalyst × 4.1
Great Heal Spell BuffCatalyst × 5.5
Soothing Sunlight Spell BuffCatalyst × 7.0
Projected Heal Spell BuffCatalyst × 1.7

Life Drain

Source Effect
Smough's Great Hammer [MaxHP * 0.001] + 1
Feast Bell (Eleonora) [MaxHP * 0.01] + 10
Butcher Knife Varies
Lifehunt Scythe Varies
Lifedrain (Dark Hand) Varies


Equipment Effect
Blessed Infusion Varies
Anri's Straight Sword 1 HP/s
Ancient Dragon Greatshield
Ethereal Oak Shield
Sun Princess Ring
2 HP/s
Pray for Favor (Filianore Chime) 4 HP/s
Gentle Prayer (Chimes) 6 HP/s
Spells Effect
Blessed Weapon Varies
Replenishment 5 HP/s
Bountiful Light 7 HP/s
Bountiful Sunlight 10 HP/s
Warmth 35 HP/s

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