Image Set Ammo
File nameFile typeSize
dark_arrow.jpgJPEG image data117.81 kBInfo
dragonslayer_greatarrow.jpgJPEG image data118.02 kBInfo
dragonslayer_lightning_greatarrow.jpgJPEG image data141.18 kBInfo
exploding_bolt.jpgJPEG image data128.73 kBInfo
feather_arrow.jpgJPEG image data126.03 kBInfo
fire_arrow.jpgJPEG image data124.77 kBInfo
heavy_bolt.jpgJPEG image data131.89 kBInfo
large_arrow.jpgJPEG image data124.41 kBInfo
lightning_bolt.jpgJPEG image data142.48 kBInfo
moonlight_arrow.jpgJPEG image data133.29 kBInfo
onislayer_greatarrow.jpgJPEG image data133.53 kBInfo
poison_arrow.jpgJPEG image data117.46 kBInfo
sniper_bolt.jpgJPEG image data138.05 kBInfo
splintering_bolt.jpgJPEG image data132.51 kBInfo
standard_arrow.jpgJPEG image data114.58 kBInfo
standard_bolt.jpgJPEG image data124.85 kBInfo
wood_arrow.jpgJPEG image data121.17 kBInfo
wood_bolts.jpgJPEG image data135.2 kBInfo
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