Image Set Ammunition
File nameFile typeSize
Black Firebomb.pngPNG image data212.82 kBInfo
Dark Arrow.pngPNG image data130.75 kBInfo
Dragonslayer Greatarrow.pngPNG image data108.95 kBInfo
Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow.pngPNG image data140.64 kBInfo
Duel Charm.pngPNG image data188.51 kBInfo
Dung Pie.pngPNG image data196.29 kBInfo
Exploding Bolt.pngPNG image data249.38 kBInfo
Feather Arrow.pngPNG image data140.15 kBInfo
Fire Arrow.pngPNG image data135.9 kBInfo
Firebomb.pngPNG image data273.18 kBInfo
Heavy Bolt.pngPNG image data218.39 kBInfo
Kukri.pngPNG image data103.94 kBInfo
Large Arrow.pngPNG image data165.16 kBInfo
Lightning Bolt.pngPNG image data232.56 kBInfo
Lightning Urn.pngPNG image data233.37 kBInfo
Millwood Greatarrow.pngPNG image data198.09 kBInfo
Moonlight Arrow.pngPNG image data151.68 kBInfo
Onislayer Greatarrow.pngPNG image data161.76 kBInfo
Poison Arrow.pngPNG image data144.01 kBInfo
Poison Throwing Knife.pngPNG image data72.9 kBInfo
Rope Black Firebomb.pngPNG image data154.49 kBInfo
Rope Firebomb.pngPNG image data166.38 kBInfo
Sniper Bolt.pngPNG image data208.56 kBInfo
Splintering Bolt.pngPNG image data197.52 kBInfo
Stalk Dung Pie.pngPNG image data171.26 kBInfo
Standard Arrow.pngPNG image data111.26 kBInfo
Standard Bolt.pngPNG image data178.79 kBInfo
Throwing Knife.pngPNG image data83.03 kBInfo
Undead Hunter Charm.pngPNG image data196.45 kBInfo
Wood Arrow.pngPNG image data122.08 kBInfo
Wood Bolt.pngPNG image data207.48 kBInfo
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