Image Set Icons
File nameFile typeSize
attunement_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.43 kBInfo
attunement_slots.pngPNG image data4.33 kBInfo
bleed_damage.pngPNG image data4.22 kBInfo
bleed_resist.pngPNG image data1.37 kBInfo
consumable_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.42 kBInfo
critical.pngPNG image data4.31 kBInfo
curse_resist.pngPNG image data1.37 kBInfo
dark_damage.pngPNG image data4.24 kBInfo
dark_defence.pngPNG image data1.47 kBInfo
dark_weap_defence.jpgJPEG image data11.56 kBInfo
dexterity_icon.jpgJPEG image data695 BytesInfo
dexterity.pngPNG image data4.39 kBInfo
durability.pngPNG image data4.4 kBInfo
ELFCYyE.jpgJPEG image data1.3 kBInfo
endurance_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.65 kBInfo
equip_load.pngPNG image data4.34 kBInfo
faith_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.6 kBInfo
faith.pngPNG image data4.42 kBInfo
fire_damage.pngPNG image data4.3 kBInfo
fire_defence.pngPNG image data1.46 kBInfo
fire_weap_defence.pngPNG image data4.42 kBInfo
focus_points.pngPNG image data4.11 kBInfo
frost_damage.pngPNG image data4.29 kBInfo
frost_resist.pngPNG image data1.38 kBInfo
hollowing.pngPNG image data4.22 kBInfo
hp.pngPNG image data4.08 kBInfo
intelligence_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.47 kBInfo
intelligence.pngPNG image data4.28 kBInfo
item_discovery.pngPNG image data4.31 kBInfo
level_icon.jpgJPEG image data567 BytesInfo
lightning_damage.pngPNG image data4.39 kBInfo
lightning_defence.pngPNG image data1.48 kBInfo
lightning_weap_defence.pngPNG image data4.41 kBInfo
luck_icon.jpgJPEG image data700 BytesInfo
magic_damage.pngPNG image data4.4 kBInfo
magic_defence.pngPNG image data1.47 kBInfo
magic_weap_defence.pngPNG image data4.43 kBInfo
max_held.jpgJPEG image data11.58 kBInfo
number_held_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.43 kBInfo
physical_damage.pngPNG image data4.24 kBInfo
physical_defence.pngPNG image data1.47 kBInfo
physical_vs_slash.pngPNG image data1.48 kBInfo
physical_vs_strike.pngPNG image data1.48 kBInfo
physical_vs_thrust.pngPNG image data1.48 kBInfo
physical_weap_defence.pngPNG image data4.21 kBInfo
poise.pngPNG image data4.61 kBInfo
poison_damage.pngPNG image data4.24 kBInfo
poison_resist.pngPNG image data1.39 kBInfo
souls.pngPNG image data1.28 kBInfo
spell_buff.jpgJPEG image data633 BytesInfo
spell_buff.PNGPNG image data1.59 kBInfo
stability.pngPNG image data4.34 kBInfo
stamina.pngPNG image data4.07 kBInfo
stored_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.4 kBInfo
stored.jpgJPEG image data11.79 kBInfo
strength_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.54 kBInfo
strength.pngPNG image data4.4 kBInfo
vigor_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.59 kBInfo
vitality_icon.jpgJPEG image data11.61 kBInfo
weapon_art_cost.pngPNG image data4.35 kBInfo
weapon_arts.pngPNG image data4.34 kBInfo
weapon_category.pngPNG image data4.32 kBInfo
weapon_type.pngPNG image data4.52 kBInfo
weight.pngPNG image data4.31 kBInfo
weight_ratio.pngPNG image data4.33 kBInfo
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