Image Set Npc
File nameFile typeSize
altar_of_sunlight.pngPNG image data482.45 kBInfo
anri_of_astora.jpgJPEG image data485.72 kBInfo
blacksmith_andre.JPGJPEG image data175.8 kBInfo
cage_spider_npc.pngPNG image data498.11 kBInfo
champion_gundyr.jpgJPEG image data37.11 kBInfo
cornyx.JPGJPEG image data193.71 kBInfo
farron_keep_flame.pngPNG image data553.02 kBInfo
firekeeper.jpgJPEG image data159.09 kBInfo
giant_tree.pngPNG image data413.94 kBInfo
greirat_of_the_undead_settlement.jpgJPEG image data187.61 kBInfo
hawkwood.jpgJPEG image data96.62 kBInfo
holy_knight_hodrick.jpgJPEG image data82.75 kBInfo
horace_the_hushed.jpgJPEG image data856.98 kBInfo
irina_of_carim.jpgJPEG image data131.77 kBInfo
karla.JPGJPEG image data57.22 kBInfo
longfinger_kirk.JPGJPEG image data298.47 kBInfo
ludleth_of_courland.jpgJPEG image data220.84 kBInfo
old_wolf_of_farron.pngPNG image data842.98 kBInfo
ringfinger_leonhard.JPGJPEG image data274.58 kBInfo
rosaria.jpgJPEG image data1.14 MBInfo
sacrificial_altar.pngPNG image data775.16 kBInfo
shrine_handmaid.JPGJPEG image data209.81 kBInfo
skeleton_ball.pngPNG image data227.76 kBInfo
smouldering_ballista.pngPNG image data243.68 kBInfo
the_great_bell.pngPNG image data1.73 MBInfo
velka.JPGJPEG image data239.1 kBInfo
yuria_of_londor.jpgJPEG image data120.64 kBInfo
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