Image Set Spells
File nameFile typeSize
Acid Surge.pngPNG image data197.56 kBInfo
Affinity.pngPNG image data212.11 kBInfo
Atonement.pngPNG image data234.35 kBInfo
Aural Decoy.pngPNG image data226.88 kBInfo
Black Fire Orb.pngPNG image data230.81 kBInfo
Black Flame.pngPNG image data203.54 kBInfo
Black Serpent.pngPNG image data262.16 kBInfo
Blessed Weapon.pngPNG image data217.04 kBInfo
Boulder Heave.pngPNG image data241.11 kBInfo
Bountiful Light.pngPNG image data192.92 kBInfo
Bountiful Sunlight.pngPNG image data213.3 kBInfo
Bursting Fireball.pngPNG image data252.62 kBInfo
Caressing Tears.pngPNG image data199.98 kBInfo
Carthus Beacon.pngPNG image data233.07 kBInfo
Carthus Flame Arc.pngPNG image data242.86 kBInfo
Cast Light.pngPNG image data196.88 kBInfo
Chameleon.pngPNG image data208.93 kBInfo
Chaos Bed Vestiges.pngPNG image data269.04 kBInfo
Chaos Storm.pngPNG image data270.47 kBInfo
Crystal Hail.pngPNG image data241.45 kBInfo
Crystal Magic Weapon.pngPNG image data235.41 kBInfo
Crystal Soul Spear.pngPNG image data244.35 kBInfo
Dark Blade.pngPNG image data265.75 kBInfo
Dark Edge.pngPNG image data241.1 kBInfo
Darkmoon Blade.pngPNG image data206.23 kBInfo
Dead Again.pngPNG image data215.77 kBInfo
Deep Protection.pngPNG image data234.42 kBInfo
Deep Soul.pngPNG image data237.27 kBInfo
Divine Pillars of Light.pngPNG image data256.72 kBInfo
Dorhys' Gnawing.pngPNG image data264.77 kBInfo
Emit Force.pngPNG image data189.02 kBInfo
fan_flame.pngPNG image data218.28 kBInfo
Farron Dart.pngPNG image data220.01 kBInfo
Farron Flashsword.pngPNG image data214.47 kBInfo
Farron Hail.pngPNG image data223.35 kBInfo
Fireball.pngPNG image data223.19 kBInfo
Fire Orb.pngPNG image data255.78 kBInfo
Firestorm.pngPNG image data251.6 kBInfo
Fire Surge.pngPNG image data256.97 kBInfo
Fire Whip.pngPNG image data257.91 kBInfo
Flash Sweat.pngPNG image data226.9 kBInfo
Floating Chaos.pngPNG image data288.3 kBInfo
Force.pngPNG image data216.43 kBInfo
Frozen Weapon.pngPNG image data303.33 kBInfo
Gnaw.pngPNG image data223.59 kBInfo
Great Chaos Fire Orb.pngPNG image data220 kBInfo
Great Combustion.pngPNG image data245.83 kBInfo
Great Deep Soul.pngPNG image data254.53 kBInfo
Great Farron Dart.pngPNG image data225.88 kBInfo
Great Heal.pngPNG image data221.13 kBInfo
Great Heavy Soul Arrow.pngPNG image data225.1 kBInfo
Great Lightning Spear.pngPNG image data222.61 kBInfo
Great Magic Barrier.pngPNG image data162.8 kBInfo
Great Magic Shield.pngPNG image data198.42 kBInfo
Great Magic Weapon.pngPNG image data230.42 kBInfo
Great Soul Arrow.pngPNG image data222.83 kBInfo
great_soul_dregs.PNGPNG image data201.17 kBInfo
Heal Aid.pngPNG image data214.12 kBInfo
Heal.pngPNG image data211.56 kBInfo
Heavy Soul Arrow.pngPNG image data216.68 kBInfo
Hidden Body.pngPNG image data215.97 kBInfo
Hidden Weapon.pngPNG image data220.33 kBInfo
Homeward.pngPNG image data213.32 kBInfo
Homing Crystal Soulmass.pngPNG image data258.03 kBInfo
Homing Soulmass.pngPNG image data235.73 kBInfo
Iron Flesh.pngPNG image data246.59 kBInfo
Lifehunt Scythe.pngPNG image data255.2 kBInfo
lightning_arrow.PNGPNG image data211.96 kBInfo
Lightning Blade.pngPNG image data223.32 kBInfo
Lightning Spear.pngPNG image data216.57 kBInfo
Lightning Storm.pngPNG image data235.53 kBInfo
Lightning Strike.pngPNG image data229.29 kBInfo
Magic Barrier.pngPNG image data188.49 kBInfo
Magic Shield.pngPNG image data191.66 kBInfo
Magic Weapon.pngPNG image data227.13 kBInfo
Med Heal.pngPNG image data210.56 kBInfo
old_moonlight.pngPNG image data239.95 kBInfo
Pestilent Mercury.pngPNG image data238.95 kBInfo
Poison Mist.pngPNG image data209.53 kBInfo
Power Within.pngPNG image data261.99 kBInfo
Profaned Flame.pngPNG image data245.91 kBInfo
Profuse Sweat.pngPNG image data227.93 kBInfo
projected_heal.pngPNG image data260.62 kBInfo
Rapport.pngPNG image data223.56 kBInfo
Repair.pngPNG image data228.4 kBInfo
Replenishment.pngPNG image data220.26 kBInfo
Sacred Flame.pngPNG image data220.41 kBInfo
Sacred Oath.pngPNG image data217.52 kBInfo
Seek Guidance.pngPNG image data190.3 kBInfo
seething_chaos.pngPNG image data246.79 kBInfo
Snap Freeze.pngPNG image data250.91 kBInfo
Soothing Sunlight.pngPNG image data232.12 kBInfo
Soul Arrow.pngPNG image data213.63 kBInfo
Soul Greatsword.pngPNG image data244.62 kBInfo
Soul Spear.pngPNG image data226.23 kBInfo
Soul Stream.pngPNG image data233.53 kBInfo
Spook.pngPNG image data220.71 kBInfo
Sunlight Spear.pngPNG image data231.86 kBInfo
Tears of Denial.pngPNG image data201.57 kBInfo
Toxi Mist.pngPNG image data208.07 kBInfo
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