Image Set Upgrade
File nameFile typeSize
blessed_gem.JPGJPEG image data129.18 kBInfo
blessed_gem_transparent2.pngPNG image data65.08 kBInfo
blessed_gem_transparent.pngPNG image data62.43 kBInfo
blood_gem.JPGJPEG image data126.63 kBInfo
chaos_gem.jpgJPEG image data144.09 kBInfo
crystal_gem.jpgJPEG image data139.03 kBInfo
crystal_gem_transparent.pngPNG image data59.41 kBInfo
dark_gem.JPGJPEG image data122.75 kBInfo
deep_gem.JPGJPEG image data121.8 kBInfo
farron_coal_transparent.pngPNG image data70.95 kBInfo
fire_gem.jpgJPEG image data137.94 kBInfo
heavy_gem.JPGJPEG image data116.53 kBInfo
hollow_gem.jpgJPEG image data55.86 kBInfo
lightning_gem.JPGJPEG image data136.74 kBInfo
poison_gem.jpgJPEG image data136.31 kBInfo
raw_gem.jpgJPEG image data59.5 kBInfo
refined_gem.JPGJPEG image data113.9 kBInfo
sharp_gem.jpgJPEG image data50.06 kBInfo
simple_gem.JPGJPEG image data133.05 kBInfo
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