Image Set: Menu Icons
File nameFile typeSize
attunement.pngPNG image data1.82 kBInfo
attunement-slots.pngPNG image data1.86 kBInfo
bleed.pngPNG image data1.77 kBInfo
covenant.pngPNG image data1.88 kBInfo
critical.pngPNG image data1.94 kBInfo
curse.pngPNG image data1.62 kBInfo
damage-type.pngPNG image data2.03 kBInfo
dark-block.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
dark-def.pngPNG image data2.01 kBInfo
dark-dmg.pngPNG image data1.85 kBInfo
dexterity.pngPNG image data1.94 kBInfo
durability.pngPNG image data1.93 kBInfo
endurance.pngPNG image data1.98 kBInfo
equip-load.pngPNG image data1.92 kBInfo
faith.pngPNG image data1.93 kBInfo
fire-block.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
fire-def.pngPNG image data2.01 kBInfo
fire-dmg.pngPNG image data1.86 kBInfo
fp.pngPNG image data1.71 kBInfo
frost.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
hollowing.pngPNG image data1.85 kBInfo
hp.pngPNG image data1.74 kBInfo
intelligence.pngPNG image data1.82 kBInfo
item-discovery.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
items-held.pngPNG image data1.81 kBInfo
items-stored.pngPNG image data1.82 kBInfo
item-type.pngPNG image data1.93 kBInfo
level.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
lightning-block.pngPNG image data1.93 kBInfo
lightning-def.pngPNG image data2.04 kBInfo
lightning-dmg.pngPNG image data1.92 kBInfo
luck.pngPNG image data1.92 kBInfo
l-weapon-1.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
l-weapon-2.pngPNG image data1.86 kBInfo
l-weapon-3.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
magic-block.pngPNG image data1.96 kBInfo
magic-def.pngPNG image data2.01 kBInfo
magic-dmg.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
physical-block.pngPNG image data1.76 kBInfo
physical-def.pngPNG image data2 kBInfo
physical-dmg.pngPNG image data1.85 kBInfo
poise.pngPNG image data2.17 kBInfo
poison.pngPNG image data1.87 kBInfo
range.pngPNG image data1.97 kBInfo
r-weapon-1.pngPNG image data1.99 kBInfo
r-weapon-2.pngPNG image data2.02 kBInfo
r-weapon-3.pngPNG image data2 kBInfo
skill-fp.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
skill.pngPNG image data1.91 kBInfo
slash-def.pngPNG image data2.1 kBInfo
slots-used.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
souls.pngPNG image data1.96 kBInfo
souls-required.pngPNG image data1.95 kBInfo
soul-value.pngPNG image data2.04 kBInfo
spell-buff.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
spell-fp.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
spell-type.pngPNG image data2 kBInfo
stability.pngPNG image data1.86 kBInfo
stamina.pngPNG image data1.73 kBInfo
strength.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
strike-def.pngPNG image data2.05 kBInfo
thrust-def.pngPNG image data2.06 kBInfo
vigor.pngPNG image data1.88 kBInfo
vitality.pngPNG image data1.99 kBInfo
weapon-category.pngPNG image data1.81 kBInfo
weight.pngPNG image data1.89 kBInfo
weight-ratio.pngPNG image data1.9 kBInfo
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