Image Set: Spells
File nameFile typeSize
acid-surge.jpgJPEG image data24.65 kBInfo
acid-surge.pngPNG image data197.56 kBInfo
affinity.jpgJPEG image data26.42 kBInfo
affinity.pngPNG image data212.11 kBInfo
atonement.jpgJPEG image data27.47 kBInfo
atonement.pngPNG image data234.35 kBInfo
aural-decoy.jpgJPEG image data27.77 kBInfo
aural-decoy.pngPNG image data226.88 kBInfo
black-fire-orb.jpgJPEG image data29.85 kBInfo
black-fire-orb.pngPNG image data230.81 kBInfo
black-flame.jpgJPEG image data37.7 kBInfo
black-flame.pngPNG image data203.54 kBInfo
black-serpent.jpgJPEG image data42.21 kBInfo
black-serpent.pngPNG image data262.16 kBInfo
blessed-weapon.jpgJPEG image data24.37 kBInfo
blessed-weapon.pngPNG image data217.04 kBInfo
boulder-heave.jpgJPEG image data36.22 kBInfo
boulder-heave.pngPNG image data241.11 kBInfo
bountiful-light.jpgJPEG image data19.59 kBInfo
bountiful-light.pngPNG image data192.92 kBInfo
bountiful-sunlight.jpgJPEG image data17.55 kBInfo
bountiful-sunlight.pngPNG image data213.3 kBInfo
bursting-fireball.jpgJPEG image data38.28 kBInfo
bursting-fireball.pngPNG image data252.62 kBInfo
caressing-tears.jpgJPEG image data21.43 kBInfo
caressing-tears.pngPNG image data199.98 kBInfo
carthus-beacon.jpgJPEG image data29.68 kBInfo
carthus-beacon.pngPNG image data233.07 kBInfo
carthus-flame-arc.jpgJPEG image data34.8 kBInfo
carthus-flame-arc.pngPNG image data242.86 kBInfo
cast-light.jpgJPEG image data27.21 kBInfo
cast-light.pngPNG image data196.88 kBInfo
chameleon.jpgJPEG image data28.94 kBInfo
chameleon.pngPNG image data208.93 kBInfo
chaos-bed-vestiges.jpgJPEG image data35.05 kBInfo
chaos-bed-vestiges.pngPNG image data269.04 kBInfo
chaos-storm.jpgJPEG image data39.14 kBInfo
chaos-storm.pngPNG image data270.47 kBInfo
crystal-hail.jpgJPEG image data33.64 kBInfo
crystal-hail.pngPNG image data241.45 kBInfo
crystal-magic-weapon.jpgJPEG image data34.79 kBInfo
crystal-magic-weapon.pngPNG image data235.41 kBInfo
crystal-soul-spear.jpgJPEG image data31 kBInfo
crystal-soul-spear.pngPNG image data244.35 kBInfo
dark-blade.jpgJPEG image data33.25 kBInfo
dark-blade.pngPNG image data265.75 kBInfo
dark-edge.jpgJPEG image data31.78 kBInfo
dark-edge.pngPNG image data241.1 kBInfo
darkmoon-blade.jpgJPEG image data22.04 kBInfo
darkmoon-blade.pngPNG image data206.23 kBInfo
dead-again.jpgJPEG image data27.05 kBInfo
dead-again.pngPNG image data215.77 kBInfo
deep-protection.jpgJPEG image data25.81 kBInfo
deep-protection.pngPNG image data234.42 kBInfo
deep-soul.jpgJPEG image data32.27 kBInfo
deep-soul.pngPNG image data237.27 kBInfo
divine-pillars-of-light.jpgJPEG image data27.15 kBInfo
divine-pillars-of-light.pngPNG image data256.72 kBInfo
dorhys-gnawing.jpgJPEG image data37.36 kBInfo
dorhys-gnawing.pngPNG image data264.77 kBInfo
emit-force.jpgJPEG image data19.33 kBInfo
emit-force.pngPNG image data189.02 kBInfo
farron-dart.jpgJPEG image data31.68 kBInfo
farron-dart.pngPNG image data220.01 kBInfo
farron-flashsword.jpgJPEG image data30.48 kBInfo
farron-flashsword.pngPNG image data214.47 kBInfo
farron-hail.jpgJPEG image data29.5 kBInfo
farron-hail.pngPNG image data223.35 kBInfo
fireball.jpgJPEG image data32.34 kBInfo
fireball.pngPNG image data223.19 kBInfo
fire-orb.jpgJPEG image data33.21 kBInfo
fire-orb.pngPNG image data255.78 kBInfo
firestorm.jpgJPEG image data35.13 kBInfo
firestorm.pngPNG image data251.6 kBInfo
fire-surge.jpgJPEG image data34.13 kBInfo
fire-surge.pngPNG image data256.97 kBInfo
fire-whip.jpgJPEG image data34.85 kBInfo
fire-whip.pngPNG image data257.91 kBInfo
flame-fan.jpgJPEG image data35.43 kBInfo
flame-fan.pngPNG image data316.97 kBInfo
flash-sweat.jpgJPEG image data30.81 kBInfo
flash-sweat.pngPNG image data226.9 kBInfo
floating-chaos.jpgJPEG image data34.71 kBInfo
floating-chaos.pngPNG image data268.03 kBInfo
force.jpgJPEG image data25.3 kBInfo
force.pngPNG image data216.43 kBInfo
frozen-weapon.jpgJPEG image data31.79 kBInfo
frozen-weapon.pngPNG image data292.98 kBInfo
gnaw.jpgJPEG image data31.57 kBInfo
gnaw.pngPNG image data223.59 kBInfo
great-chaos-fire-orb.jpgJPEG image data30.28 kBInfo
great-chaos-fire-orb.pngPNG image data220 kBInfo
great-combustion.jpgJPEG image data35.71 kBInfo
great-combustion.pngPNG image data245.83 kBInfo
great-deep-soul.jpgJPEG image data29.51 kBInfo
great-deep-soul.pngPNG image data254.53 kBInfo
great-farron-dart.jpgJPEG image data31.9 kBInfo
great-farron-dart.pngPNG image data225.88 kBInfo
great-heal.jpgJPEG image data22.37 kBInfo
great-heal.pngPNG image data221.13 kBInfo
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