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Intelligence Icon Attribute required to cast sorceries and pyromancies. Increases spell potency.
(Pyromancy is affected by both faith and intelligence.)
Magic defense is also calculated from this attribute.


  • Allows the usage of equipment, sorceries and miracles with Intelligence requirements.
  • Increases Magic attack bonus, which modifies damage on equipment with Magic scaling.
  • Increases Fire attack bonus, which modifies damage on equipment with Fire damage.
  • Increases Magic defense.

Equipment Requirements

Spell tools

Intelligence Equipment with Intelligence Requirement
10 Sorcerer's Staff
12 Archdeacon's Great Staff, Caitha's Chime, Immolation Tinder, Storyteller's Staff
14 Court Sorcerer's Staff, Izalith Staff
16 Heretic's Staff, White Hair Talisman
18 Crystal Chime, Golden Ritual Spear, Man-grub Staff, Mendicant's Staff, Witchtree Branch
19 Heysel Pick
24 Sage's Crystal Staff


Intelligence Equipment with Intelligence Requirement
9 Dancer's Enchanted Swords, Demon's Fist, Gargoyle Flame Hammer, Gargoyle Flame Spear
10 Darkmoon Longbow, Firelink Greatsword, Old King's Great Hammer, Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
12 Demon's Great Axe, Greatsword of Judgment, Immolation Tinder, Witch's Locks
18 Golden Ritual Spear
19 Heysel Pick
26 Moonlight Greatsword

Equipment Modifiers


  • As of 1.03, Magic defense is determined jointly by Intelligence and the character Level, so a higher level character with a given Intelligence will have greater Magic Defense than a lower level character with the same Intelligence.
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