Iron Flesh


Pyromancy that internalizes flame.

Iron flesh boosts damage absorption and resistance, but significantly increases weight.

Not advisable for walking in marshlands, perhaps resulting in its obsolescence in the Great Swamp.


Boosts Physical damage absorption by 40, as well as Bleed, Poison, Frost and Curse resistance.

Reduces Lightning damage absorption by -60 and forces slow rolling, no matter what Equipment Load you are at.

Cancels out Profuse Sweat and Flash Sweat.


From the Farron Keep bonfire, head outside and to the right. You'll see the item in the swamp amoungst a few trees.

Iron Flesh
Spell Category Pyromancy
Effect Type Utility
FP Cost 45 FP
Attunement Slots Used 1 Attunement Slot(s)
Sell Price / Soul Value 0 Souls
Intelligence Requirement 8 Intelligence
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