Crystal Scroll
Crystal Scroll
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The Crystal Scroll can be given to Orbeck of Vinheim to add new Sorceries to his inventory.


Secret crystal scroll of the Grand Archives of Lothric.

Give to a sorcerer to learn crystal sorceries.

These sorceries are the work of the paledrake, Seath the Scaleless, whom Logan is said to have met, a branch of sorcery that has been carried on by the Crystal Sages.


Can be given to Orbeck to add the following Sorceries to his inventory:

Item Quantity Price (Souls)
Homing Crystal Soulmass 1 18,000
Crystal Soul Spear 1 15,000
Pestilent Mist 1 1,000

Prevents Orbeck from leaving after four bosses are defeated without being given a Scroll.


Reward for defeating the Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives.


This is a crystal sorcery, created by the pale dragon, thought only to exist in legend…
I am ever grateful to you. This is truly sublime.
I am afraid this is a debt I cannot repay, only…
I will be sure to unravel it for you. Just a moment.

— "Give Sorcery Scroll" to Orbeck of Vinheim


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