Dark Sigil
Dark Sigil
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Maximum Held Max. Held 8
Maximum Stored Max. Stored

The Dark Sigil turns the player hollow while carried.


A black, gaping hole in the flesh that resembles the brand of an Undead.

The darkness of humanity seeps from this bottomless pitch-black hole, the gap filled by the accumulation of the curse.

This Dark Sigil will never heal, but there is a tale told of a Fire Keeper who returned from the Abyss, and brought great comfort to a bearer of the curse.


Increases the level of Hollowing when you die. Hollowing is increased by the number of Dark Sigils you have, each death.


  • Acquired by letting Yoel of Londor draw out your true strength, granting you a free level. This can occur five times, it usually requires you to die twice before Yoel of Londor will offer it again, at hollowing level 0, 2, 6, 12, and 15.
  • Given (×3) to you if you decide to marry Anri of Astora.


  • It can be healed by giving a Fire Keeper Soul to the Fire Keeper, then exchanging Souls to remove the curse. The cost of healing the Dark Sigil is equal to the cost to gain a number of levels equal to the amount of Dark Sigils in your possession. (including the incrementally higher cost of the higher levels).
    • If you heal the Dark Sigil before getting 5 free levels from Yoel of Londor, he will no longer offer to "Draw out your true strength."
    • Upon healing the Dark Sigil, Yuria of Londor will refuse to talk to you further (including purchasing items). Upon reloading Firelink Shrine, she will be gone.
  • Moving up to the next New Game will remove the Dark Sigil, but the Hollowing level will remain.


Seek Guidance? Message Location
Yes To soothe the dark sigil, pillage the Fire Keeper's grave Behind Sword Master
Yes To soothe the dark sigil, pillage the Fire Keeper's grave By Yoel of Londor


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