Deep Braille Divine Tome
Deep Braille Divine Tome
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The Deep Braille Divine Tome is a key item that can be given to either Irina of Carim or to Karla, to add new miracles to their inventory.

In-game description

A braille divine tome of the Deep, belonging to the deacons of the cathedral.

Give this to a storyteller to learn miracles of the Deep.

Intended to teach divine protection to the deacons of the deep, but later, dark tales were added to its pages, such that it is now considered a thing profane.


Can be given to either Irina of Carim of Karla, to add the miracles Deep Protection and Gnaw to their inventory.


Dropped from the Mimic in Cathedral of the Deep. To reach the Mimic, proceed from the Cleansing Chapel bonfire throughout the area until you enter the cathedral. Once inside, proceed through, past the Giant Slave and into a passage. Continue to the end of the passage to find a prayer room with a chest. This chest is the mimic.


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