Dreamchaser's Ashes
Dreamchaser's Ashes
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The Dreamchaser's Ashes can be given to the Shrine Handmaid to expand her inventory.


Umbral ash of one who dreamt of joining the Undead Legion. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

In the end, the dream chasers who wandered aimlessly in the rotted forest found a sense of fulfillment.


Can be given to the Shrine Handmaid to add the following items to her inventory:
Item Quantity Price (Souls)
Ember 3 2,500
Hidden Blessing 1 1,000
Green Blossom 1,000
Black Bug Pellet 1,500
Gold Pine Resin 3 1,000
Gold Pine Bundle 6 600
Rotten Pine Resin 500
Titanite Shard 800
Composite Bow 3,500
Leather Armor 800
Leather Gloves 500
Leather Boots 500
Feather Arrow 100
Life Ring 1 1,500


In Farron Keep, near the Old Wolf of Farron Bonfire. From the Keep Ruins Bonfire, head down the ramp and take a hard right into the swamp to reach a long ladder guarded by several Rotten Slugs. After climbing the ladder, the ashes can be found by opening an Illusory Wall along the exterior of the bonfire room.


Ashen One, what woeful umbral ash is this.
This barren dust, stuff of a fool, won't yield aught.
Where did'st thou happen upon this stuff? Tell me, for the sport.

Choosing "Tell her where you found the ash":

Oh, yes, I see…
Clinging to lofty dreams in this dying world…more's the pity.
It must come from one most foolish indeed.
Woudl'st thou not agree?

Choosing "Say nothing":

As the Ashen One ought be…
Little time for japery, mm…

— "Give umbral ash" to Shrine Handmaid


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