Easterner's Ashes
Easterner's Ashes
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The Easterner's Ashes are a key item that can be given to the Shrine Handmaid to expand her inventory.

In-game description

Umbral ash of an armor merchant from an eastern land. Surely the handmaid of Firelink Shrine can turn this into a few new things.

The merchant, a captain of a clan of hunters, was fascinated with weaponry.


Can be given to the Shrine Handmaid to add the following items to her inventory:
Item Quantity Price (Souls)
Mossfruit 1,500
Large Titanite Shard 4,000
Washing Pole 1 7,500
Eastern Iron Shield 3,000
Eastern Helm 1 5,000
Eastern Armor 1 8,000
Eastern Gauntlets 1 5,000
Eastern Leggings 1 5,000
Dark Arrow 200
Onislayer Greatarrow 600
Wood Grain Ring 3,000


Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Found on a ledge on the right-hand side of where the Silver Knight Archers fire at you.


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