Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome
Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome
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The Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome can be given to Cornyx of the Great Swamp to add new Pyromancies to his inventory.


Pyromancy tome from the Great Swamp containing advanced pyromancies.

Give to the old master pyromancer to learn advanced pyromancies of the Great Swamp.

Spells of the Great Swamp are passed down from master to pupil. Without a master, there is no pupil, but without a pupil, there is also no master.


Can be given to Cornyx to add the following Pyromancies to his inventory:

Item Quantity Price (Souls)
Fire Orb 1 3,000
Bursting Fireball 1 5,000
Poison Mist 1 2,000
Profuse Sweat 1 2,000


On the Road of Sacrifices. From the Halfway Fortress Bonfire, proceed down the path, drop down the ledge near the lake. Look for a Great Crab near a wall, the tome can be found in the deep water that surrounds the giant tree next to the Great Crab.


Yes, here we are. It's been long indeed.
With this, I can teach you more sophisticated pyromancies.
Splendid. I can boast I am your tutor a little longer.

— "Give Pyromancy Tome" to Cornyx of the Great Swamp

If you seek pyromancy tomes, take this sage advice.
The lands of the Lords converge upon Lothric.
The home of pyromancies drifts comparatively close, as well.
At least, that is what pyromancers of the Great Swamp believe.
The place is called Izalith. Oh, how I wish to behold a primal pyromancy.
Well, these are old tales. No one knows where the truth begins, or ends.


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