Londor Braille Divine Tome
Londor Braille Divine Tome
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The Londor Braille Divine Tome can be given to either Irina of Carim or to Karla to add new Miracles to their inventory.


A braille tome of Londor, first spoken by Liliane of the Sable Church.

Give this to a storyteller to learn miracles of Londor.

This is a forbidden tome, as it offers salvation to all Hollows, and conversely curses all things living.


Can be given to Irina or Karla to add the following Miracles to their inventory:

Item Quantity Price (Souls)
Dark Blade 1 10,000
Vow of Silence 1 15,000
Dead Again 1 5,000


Can be bought from Yuria of Londor for 50 Souls.


Oh, what's this…
Champion of Ash, this Divine Tome is forbidden…
These are dark tales of things that lurk deep within men… These stories would not please you…
Of course, if you insist, I will read them for you.
Only, ahh, ahh, they frighten me so.
The little creatures that nibble at me in the darkness…

— "Give Divine Tome" to Irina of Carim

Oh, is this a Divine Tome?
What on earth are you thinking?
I wouldn't go near a Divine Tome, or any so-called miracle.
And casters of miracles are sure to steer clear of me.
So, please.
Don't torture me so.

Ahh, you, how could you…
I know, I know. I owe my life to you.
Fine, then. Just this once, I will tell you this tale.
But do understand, it will be my first time.
I'll have no sniggering, should I err.

— "Give Divine Tome" to Karla


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