Old Woman's Ashes
Old Woman's Ashes
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The Old Woman's Ashes can be given to the Shrine Handmaid to expand her inventory.


Umbral ash of the old stone-humped woman. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

Things that have dreadfully run their course accrue at the great dreg-heap. This old woman was once the wet nurse of royalty.


Extends the Shrine Handmaid's inventory to include the Stone-humped Hag's.


Dropped by the Stone-humped Hag.

In The Dreg Heap, in front of The Dreg Heap Bonfire once Slave Knight Gael is defeated.


Gracious. Passing fine ash thou'st given.
And awfully warm, at that.
Almost as if it had lived, mere moments ago…
Oh, forgive an old woman's idle prate.
I'm sure an ashen one such as thee would never indulge such base contrivances…"

Shrine Handmaid, upon first being given dead NPC ashes

Well, well, what warm umbral ash have we here.
It's as if thy fate were with death entwined…
But take no note of me, thy business is thine own.
As by now thou surely knowest,
there is little I love more than a gratuity of souls

Shrine Handmaid, upon further being given dead NPC ashes


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