Profaned Coal
Profaned Coal
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The Profaned Coal can be given to Blacksmith Andre to unlock new Infusions.


Coal used for weapon infusion.

Remnants of the fire that burned down the Profaned Capital, preserved in an icy skull.

Give to the blacksmith in the shrine to allow the use of gems for dark, blood, and hollow infusion.


Once given to Blacksmith Andre, he can Infuse equipment with Dark Gems, Blood Gems and Hollow Gems.


In Irithyll Dungeon, inside the lower cell block that precedes the route to the Profaned Capital. It is in the cell containing multiple Wretches.


Lords… where didye hap'n upon this Coal?
This is much too dark. I see the abyss in it…
Yet, a smith I remain. I won't turn down a request.
But forget not, your fight is for the flame, and y' fellow kin. Just like mine.
A cursed fate this may be, but hope remains, does it not?

— "Give Coal" to Blacksmith Andre


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