Small Doll
Small Doll
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The Small Doll is required to enter Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.


Small silverwork doll depicting a young squire.

In the legendary old city of Irithyll situated in the Boreal Valley, the Pontiff Sulyvahn gave this doll to valued subjects, so that they might use it to cross the barrier when they return home.

Listen carefully, and you can hear it say, "Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll. Wherever you may be, Irithyll is your home."


Allows passage through the barrier at the entrance to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.


Rewarded for defeating the Deacons of the Deep.


Oh, and we meet again.
We spoke before on the road of sacrifices. Anri of Astora.
I am well pleased to see you safe.
We reached the Cathedral of the Deep, but Aldrich's coffin was empty.
The man-eater must have left for his true home.
The little doll in the empty coffin told me.
Aldrich is said to hail from Irithyll in the Boreal Valley, an ancient fabled city
A pilgrim told me that the city lies beyond Farron Keep.
And so becomes our destination…

— "Talk" with Anri of Astora, after defeating Deacons of the Deep


Seek Guidance? Message Location
No Bring a doll to be granted passage Before Central Irithyll


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