Sword of Avowal
Sword of Avowal
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The Sword of Avowal is used during the Lord of Hollows questline.


Ceremonial sword of Londor.
Cannot be equipped as a weapon.

It is said that a rite of wedlock will presage a true Hollow lord.

Your spouse's name is Anri, who patiently awaits a rightful lord, deep within the mausoleum.


Used during the Lord of Hollows questline to "marry" Anri of Astora and gain three Dark Sigils.


In Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, received in the Darkmoon Tomb by the Old Woman of Londor whilst progressing through the Lord of Hollows questline.


Welcome our gracious Lord.
Your spouse awaits you, you are very near.
Please, take the Sword of Avowal.
May you be the truest Lord of Londor yet.

— "Talk" with the Old Woman of Londor


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