Lifehunt Scythe


Miracle of Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.

Steals HP of foes using an illusory scythe.

Aldrich dreamt as he slowly devoured the God
of the Darkmoon. In this dream, he perceived
the form of a young, pale girl in hiding.


Steals the HP of foes hit by the illusory scythe.


Transposed from the Soul of Aldrich by Ludleth of Courland.


Incorrectly displayed as 20 FP within the menus.

Lifefunt Scythe
Spell Category Miracle
Effect Type Offensive / Cone
FP Cost 25 FP
Attunement Slots Used 1 Attunement Slot(s)
Sell Price / Soul Value 0 Souls
Faith Requirement 22 Faith
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