Lightning Spear


Miracle allegedly used by Warriors of Sunlight.

Hurls a lightning spear.

The spears inflict lightning damage, providing an effective counter to magic or fire.
Especially powerful against metal armor and dragons.


Hurls a lightning spear at your target, dealing Lightning damage. Deals additional damage to very close targets when cast.


In the Road of Sacrifices, ascend the elevator from the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire. After a short walk up a staircase, turn right, away from the Stray Demon and walk along the right wall, there is a route to the right of the crumbling gatehouse.

Drop onto the ledge beyond that hole and follow along the wall, to the other side of the gate. The miracle resides amongst the crystal lizards near the petrified dragon

Lightning Spear
weapon_art_cost.png 23
attunement_slots.png 1
weapon_type.png Offensive / Ranged
weapon_category.png Miracle
sell_price.png 0
faith.png 20
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