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Gamechive's Dark Souls III Complete Experience - This YouTube Playlist—464 videos in total—represents the game in its complete entirety (3 journeys, including DLCs) and the playlist sequentially orders them in a way that imparts a logical viewing. Segments include all items obtained (equipment, spells, weapons, etc.); every boss defeated; soul transpositions; NPC side quests; NPC Dark Spirit invaders; covenants at maximum ranks with rewards; multiplayer (invasions and summons); trades with Crow's Nest; and deaths of all NPCs. In addition, location guides for Estus Shards, Gestures, Illusory Walls, Mimic Chests, Miracles, Pyromancies, Rings, Sorceries, Umbral Ashes, and Undead Bone Shards are also included. All this and much more is available for viewing in this massive collection.
Dark Souls III - Complete Soundtrack The original Dark Souls III soundtrack.


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