Farron Keep


… the blunt-horned Ghrus, descendants of the acolytes of Farron Keep.

— Description of Rotten Ghru Weapons

Long ago, the swordgrass leaf quietly identified members of the Undead Legion. In the rotted forest rest the spirits of warriors past, their acceptance of and gratitude toward their guardians is expressed eloquently by the humble leaf.

— Description of the Wolf's Blood Swordgrass

At all times, the Abyss Watchers of the Undead Legion keep a supply of these concoctions, prepared by the acolytes. Rumor has it their Ghru descendants still make these concoctions.

— Description of the Black Bug Pellet

General Information

Farron Keep is a large swamp, and often blends into the Road of Sacrifices for many adventurers. Home to the Ghru, there are many treasures to be found within this swamp, as well as the ill-fated Abyss Watchers.

This zone has a covenant leader in, the Old Wolf of Farron. He can be found up the very tall ladder to the right-hand side of the Keep Ruins bonfire.

If you are embered, you may be invaded by the Watchdogs of Farron, whose goal it is to stop you from reaching the keep. They take the form of reddish blue (not purple) phantoms, of which 2 can be active at a time. Because 2 connection slots are reserved for these phantoms, the number of friendly phantoms that can be summoned is limited. You can only have one friendly phantom in this area unless you use Dried Fingers





Seek Guidance? Message Location
No Extinguish three flames, and open the door to Wolf's Blood Past Farron Keep Bonfire
No Extinguish three flames, and open the door to Wolf's Blood By the first Farron Keep Flame


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Sub-zone of Road of Sacrifices

Farron Keep Bonfire
Keep Ruins Bonfire
Farron Keep Perimeter Bonfire
Old Wolf of Farron Bonfire
Abyss Watchers Bonfire


Ragged Mask
Titanite Shard
Prism Stone
Estus Shard
Purple Moss Clump
Iron Flesh
Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Homeward Bone
Repair Powder
Crown of Dusk
Antiquated Set
Undead Bone Shard
Dreamchaser's Ashes
Lightning Spear
Dragon Crest Shield
Young White Branch
Gold Pine Bundle
Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler
Wolf's Blood Swordgrass
Stone Parma
Sage's Scroll
Golden Scroll
Sunlight Talisman
Nameless Knight Set


Black Bow of Pharis
Black Bug Pellet
Broken Straight Sword
Corvian Greatknife
Cracked Red Eye Orb
Dark Set
Dark Sword
Deserter Set
Ghru Rotshield
Heavy Gem
Large Titanite Shard
Light Crossbow
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
Long Sword
Pale Tongue
Pharis's Hat
Poison Gem
Raw Gem
Rotten Ghru Curved Sword
Rotten Ghru Dagger
Rotten Ghru Spear
Rotten Pine Resin
Shriving Stone
Soul of a Stray Demon
Standard Bolt
Stone Greatshield
Storyteller's Staff
Throwing Knife
Titanite Shard
Twinkling Dragon Head Stone
Twinkling Titanite
Wolf's Blood Swordgrass
Wooden Shield
Rusted Gold Coin


Abyss Watchers


Bastard Ghru
Corvian Storyteller
Crystal Lizard
Elder Ghru
Great Crab
Hawkwood the Deserter
Hollow Assassin
Hollow Soldier
Mad Ghru
Ravenous Crystal Lizard
Rotten Slug
Stray Demon
Yellowfinger Heysel


Black Hand Gotthard

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