Firelink Shrine


General Information

This is the main hub in Dark Souls III. Most characters that you talk to will re-appear here once they have been found.

There is a shortcut to access the upper levels of the shrine. From the entrance, run up the right staircase and to the tree outside of the shrine. From the tree, run and jump off the root part of the tree on to the roof of the shrine. Image of the jump here.


Estus Shard

  • From Pickle Pee's nest, drop down to the platform above the door of the shrine. A doorway leads to the rafters of the dome, where the shard can be found near the center of the rafters.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

  • From the estus shard's location, head towards a wall at the end of the rafter above Lothric's throne. Hit the illusionary wall, proceed forward and drop down to the right at the end of rafter to reach a wooden chest containing the ring.

Estus Ring

  • Found at the bottom of the Bell Tower, which is opened with the Tower Key.

Fire Keeper Soul

  • Found at the top of the Bell Tower, which is opened with the Tower Key.



  • Reading the backs of each throne in Firelink Shrine will tell you which bosses are Lords of Cinder.


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