Irithyll of the Boreal Valley


In the legendary old city of Irithyll situated in the Boreal Valley, the Pontiff Sulyvahn gave this doll to valued subjects, so that they might use it to cross the barrier when they return home.

Listen carefully, and you can hear it say, "Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll. Wherever you may be, Irithyll is your home."

— Description of the Small Doll

The Boreal Valley is infested with moon bugs, meaning ingredients are never far from hand for the Irithyllian slaves who concoct this medicine.

— Description of the Blue Bug Pellet

General Information

Home to Pontiff Sulyvahn, Irithyll is extremely dangerous, with Pontiff Knights and Burning Stake Witches patrolling the streets.

Here you will conclude Anri of Astora's questline. Also, just before entering Irithyll you can be summoned by Sirris of the Sunless Realms and assist her, as she is being attacked by Creighton the Wanderer.


Ring of the Sun's First Born
Found on an altar. To get to it, go in front of the fog gate to Pontiff Sulyvahn, turn around and drop down ontop of the altar to get the ring.

Ring of Favor
Dropped by Sulyvahn's Beast in Water Reserve bonfire. Behind illusory wall.

Ring of Favor +1
Found above the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1
Found on a corpse on a ledge below a broken railing immediately after the dark room filled with Irithyllian Slaves, shortly before reaching the water.

Chloranthy Ring +1
Found below the pedestal containing the Ring of the Sun's First Born.




Seek Guidance? Message Location
No Bring a doll to be granted passage Before Central Irithyll


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Anor Londo
Irithyll Dungeon


Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Bonfire
Central Irithyll Bonfire
Church of Yorshka Bonfire
Distant Manor Bonfire
Pontiff Sulyvahn Bonfire
Water Reserve Bonfire
Anor Londo Bonfire
Prison Tower Bonfire
Aldrich, Devourer of Gods Bonfire


Blood Gem
Blue Bug Pellet
Brass Set
Budding Green Blossom
Chloranthy Ring +1
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +1
Dark Stoneplate Ring
Divine Blessing
Dragonslayer Greatarrow
Dragonslayer Greatbow
Dung Pie
Easterner's Ashes
Excrement-covered Ashes
Fading Soul
Great Heal
Green Blossom
Homeward Bone
Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Large Titanite Shard
Lightning Gem
Leo Ring
Magic Clutch Ring
Painting Guardian's Curved Sword
Painting Guardian Set
Proof of a Concord Kept
Reversal Ring
Rime-blue Moss Clump
Ring of the Sun's First Born
Ring of Favor
Ring of Favor +1
Ring of Sacrifice
Roster of Knights
Rusted Gold Coin
Shriving Stone
Simple Gem
Smough's Great Hammer
Soul of a Weary Warrior
Titanite Scale
Twinkling Titanite
Undead Bone Shard
Witchtree Branch


Blood Gem
Blue Bug Pellet
Budding Green Blossom
Corvian Greatknife
Deacon Robe
Deacon Skirt
Deep Gem
Divine Blessing
Dorhys' Gnawing
Dragonslayer Greatarrow
Dragonslayer Greatbow
Dragonslayer's Axe
Drang Twinspears
Evangelist Set
Fire Witch Set
Golden Ritual Spear
Green Blossom
Human Dregs
Immolation Tinder
Large Titanite Shard
Manikin Claws
Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
Pontiff Knight Great Scythe
Pontiff Knight Set
Pontiff Knight Shield
Pontiff's Right Eye
Ring of Favor
Shriving Stone
Silver Knight Set
Silver Knight Shield
Simple Gem
Spiked Mace
Stalk Dung Pie
Symbol of Avarice
Titanite Shard
Twinkling Titanite


Pontiff Sulyvahn


Alva, Seeker of the Spurned
Burning Stake Witch
Cathedral Evangelist
Creighton the Wanderer
Crystal Lizard
Deacon of the Deep
Giant Slave
Irithyllian Beast-hound
Irithyllian Slave
Irithyllian Soldier Slave
Londor Pale Shade
Pontiff Knight
Sewer Centipede
Silver Knight
Sulyvahn's Beast
Unkindled Drang Knight


Anri of Astora
Siegward of Catarina
Black Hand Gotthard

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