Terribly worn waistcloth.

The deprived only manage to rummage just enough cloth to protect their vital parts.


Starting equipment for the Deprived class.

Undead Settlement treasure. After getting the Grave Key and entering the area, the item is right next to the Statue of Velka


Although technically not part of the set, this piece seems to complete the Master's Set

Loincloth Image
Poise 0.4 Sell Price / Soul Value ?
Durability 100 Weight 1.1
Physical Defences Elemental Defences
Base Physical Defence 1.9 Magic Defence 5.8
Strike Defence 1.9 Fire Defence 4.9
Slash Defence 1.9 Lightning Defence 5.4
Thrust Defence 1.6 Dark Defence 5.8
Requirements Resistances
Strength Requirement - Bleed Resistance 20
Dexterity Requirement - Poison Resistance 35
Intelligence Requirement - Frostbite Resistance 10
Faith Requirement - Curse Resistance 43
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