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Magic Defense Icon Defense against and absorption of magic damage. Defense is calculated by character attributes, and absorption is the combined value of all equipped armor and additional effects.


Magic is a type of damage that players and enemies are affected by. Damage types vary between enemy attack and weapon type, and some attack types are more effective against some enemies and armor than others.

Defense for enemies and players is divided into "Defense" and "Absorption". Absorption for Magic attacks can be increased with equipment (such as Armor or Rings) or Buffs (such as Consumables or Spells), while Defense for Magic attacks can be increased with Level, Intelligence, and by having armor slots filled.


Some Weapons and Ammunition in the game deal Magic damage, which may be viewed in the menu.


In addition to the Weapons below, all Crystal and Simple Infused Weapons or Shields deal Magic damage.


In addition to the Spells below, Magic Weapon, Great Magic Weapon, Crystal Magic Weapon, and Darkmoon Blade Buff Weapons with Magic.


Attack Modifiers

Attack modifiers are multiplicative.


Item Stat Effect AR or Damage
Pontiff's Right Eye +3% / +5% / +10% AR
Old Wolf Curved Sword +5% / +10% / +15% AR
Crown of Dusk +10% Magic Sorcery AR
+5% Damage
Lloyd's Sword Ring +10% >99% HP AR
Scholar's Candlestick +10% Sorcery AR
Young Dragon Ring +12% Sorcery AR
Magic Clutch Ring +15% Damage
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring +20% Sorcery AR
Red Tearstone Ring +20% <20% HP Damage
Morion Blade +20% <20% HP Damage
Hornet Ring +30% on Critical Damage


Spell Stat Effect AR or Damage
Deep Protection +5% Damage
Carthus Beacon +6% / +13% / +20% Damage
Sacred Oath +10% Damage
Power Within +20% Damage
Sacred Oath (Lothric Priest) +20% Damage

Weapon Arts

Weapon Art Stat Effect AR or Damage
Steady Chant +10% Sorcery AR
Oath of Sunlight +11.5% Damage
Lothric War Banner +15% Damage
Steady Chant (Sage's Crystal Staff) +30% Sorcery AR

Absorption Modifiers

Other than the below effects, Frostbite reduces all absorption by 7%.


Item Stat Effect
Speckled Stoneplate Ring +5% / +7%
Magic Stoneplate Ring +13% / +17% / +20%
Blue Bug Pellet +15%
Lloyd's Shield Ring +20% >99% HP
Blue Tearstone Ring +20% <20% HP
Prisoner's Chain -4%
Carthus Bloodring -30%
Crown of Dusk -30%
Calamity Ring -100%


Spell Stat Effect
Deep Protection +5%
Sacred Oath +10%
Sacred Oath (Lothric Priest) +30%
Magic Barrier +35%
Great Magic Barrier +60%

Weapon Arts

Weapon Art Stat Effect
Oath of Sunlight +7.5%
Mad King's Folly +35%
Molten Perseverance +45% then +15%
Morne's Rage +45% then +15%
Perseverance +45% then +15%
Quake +45% then +15%
Hold 1 (Strong Attack) +50%
Shield Bash (Greatshields) +50%
Stance 1 (Strong Attack) +50%
Stance of Judgment (Regular Attack) +50%
Stomp +50%

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