New Game Plus

Merchant stock resets and does not carry over in New Game Plus, meaning you must re-unlock a merchant's stock each cycle.


The merchants found within each area are listed beneath each area's heading.

Firelink Shrine

Blacksmith Andre
Ludleth of Courland
Shrine Handmaid
Greirat of the Undead Settlement (After meeting in High Wall of Lothric)
Yoel of Londor (After meeting in Undead Settlement)
Yuria of Londor (During the Lord of Hollows questline)
Cornyx of the Great Swamp (After meeting in Undead Settlement)
Irina of Carim (After meeting in Undead Settlement)
Orbeck of Vinheim (After meeting in Road of Sacrifices)
Unbreakable Patches (May also be found in Cathedral of the Deep)
Karla (After meeting in Irithyll Dungeon)

The Dreg Heap

Stone-humped Hag

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