Alva, Seeker of the Spurned
Alva, Seeker of the Spurned
NG hp.png HP poise.png Poise souls.png Souls
0 1,069 22.03
1 2,518 22.03
2 2,770 22.03
3 2,896 22.03
4 3,022 22.03
5 3,274 22.03
6 3,400 22.03
7 3,526 22.03
Physical Absorption
physical-def.png Standard 47.228%
strike-def.png Strike 44.345%
slash-def.png Slash 47.228%
thrust-def.png Thrust 45.890%
Elemental Absorption
magic-def.png Magic 43.440%
fire-def.png Fire 44.345%
lightning-def.png Lightning 43.440%
dark-def.png Dark 45.240%
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Susceptible
frost.png Frost Susceptible


To this day, troubadours sing of tales of the wandering knight Alva and his travels, and of his involvement with the saint and the witch. Needless to say, the songs traditionally end in tragedy.

— Description of the Alva Set


Alva, Seeker of the Spurned invades the player in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, right before the entrance to the Irithyll Dungeon.

General Information

Alva, Seeker of the Spurned is a hostile invader.


  • Weapons: Murakumo, Arbalest
  • Armor: Alva Set

After defeating him, his armor set can be found in the Irithyll Dungeon, in Karla's cell.

Item Drops




Voiced by: None


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