Court Sorcerer
Court Sorcerer
NG hp.png HP souls.png Souls
0 1,136 4,000
1 1,680 12,000
2 1,848 13,200
3 1,932 13,500
4 2,016 14,400
5 2,184 14,700
6 2,268 15,000
7 2,353 15,300
Physical weaknesses
physical-def.png Standard
strike-def.png Strike
slash-def.png Slash
thrust-def.png Thrust
Elemental weaknesses
magic-def.png Magic
fire-def.png Fire
lightning-def.png Lightning
dark-def.png Dark
bleed.png Bleed Unknown
poison.png Poison Unknown
frost.png Frost Unknown


There are many sorcerers who claim to heirship to the great sage "Big Hat" Logan, and the Profaned Capital houses one of two leading schools.

— Description of the Court Sorcerer armor pieces

The court sorcerers laid claim to the legacy of the renowned Big Hat Logan, going so far as to emulate him with copies of the staff he used.

— Description of the Court Sorcerer's Staff


The Court Sorcerer can be found in the Profaned Capital, atop of the chapel in the toxic swamp.

General Information

The Court Sorcerer is a hostile NPC.

He wields a Gargoyle Flame Hammer and cast sorceries with his Court Sorcerer's Staff.

He wears the Court Sorcerer Set.

Item Drops


  • An easy strategy to beat him is to equip a bow. Stay on the wooden walkway above the toxic lake and shoot him. He'll come down the ladder. If he stops halfway, shoot him again until he enters the toxic swamp. Then just wait for his HP to deplete.


Voiced by: None


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