Greirat of the Undead Settlement
Greirat of the Undead Settlement
NG hp.png HP poise.png Poise souls.png Souls
0 964 11.23 1,000
1 2,272 11.23 5,000
2 2,499 11.23 5,500
3 2,612 11.23 5,625
4 2,726 11.23 6,000
5 2,953 11.23 6,125
6 3,067 11.23 6,250
7 3,180 11.23 6,375
Physical Absorption
physical-def.png Standard 17.100%
strike-def.png Strike 14.773%
slash-def.png Slash 16.762%
thrust-def.png Thrust 15.856%
Elemental Absorption
magic-def.png Magic 14.997%
fire-def.png Fire 14.773%
lightning-def.png Lightning 13.458%
dark-def.png Dark 20.172%
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Susceptible
frost.png Frost Susceptible


Greirat was a thief who fancied himself a martyr for the poor, which is what drove him to climb the wall.

— Description of Greirat's Ashes


High Wall of Lothric

Firelink Shrine

General Information

Greirat is a NPC and a merchant.



  • Bandit's Knife: Utilizes the full Bandit's Knife moveset. See page for details.
  • Quickstep: Uses the Weapon Art of the Bandit's Knife to quickstep and dodge.
  • Throwing Knife: Throws Knives at the player, dealing Thrust damage.

Item Drops



  • Sells Embers, Repair Powder, and Firebombs cheaper than sold by the Shrine Handmaid without Greirat's Ashes.
  • There are four versions of Greirat's Ashes. One before any scavenging runs, and one after he returning (or dying during) each run. Depending on when Greirat dies, the Shrine Handmaid offers different stock with his ashes.


Voiced by: Stephane Cornicard


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