Longfinger Kirk
Longfinger Kirk
NG hp.png HP poise.png Poise souls.png Souls
0 1,136 14.89 7,196
1 1,680 14.89 7,196
2 1,848 14.89 7,196
3 1,932 14.89 7,196
4 2,016 14.89 7,196
5 2,184 14.89 7,196
6 2,268 14.89 7,196
7 2,353 14.89 7,196
Physical Absorption
physical-def.png Standard 21.691%
strike-def.png Strike 16.137%
slash-def.png Slash 27.556%
thrust-def.png Thrust 22.621%
Elemental Absorption
magic-def.png Magic 14.529%
fire-def.png Fire 16.137%
lightning-def.png Lightning 14.529%
dark-def.png Dark 11.800%
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Susceptible
frost.png Frost Susceptible


Longfinger Kirk, the notorious and murderous Knight of Thorns, is a member of the Rosaria's Fingers. Between Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth and The Fair Lady, he has a history of pillaging for the sickly and mute.


Cathedral of the Deep

  • Invades in the area between the two Giant Slaves by a lever.

General Information

Longfinger Kirk is an Invader and a member of the Rosaria's Fingers.



  • Barbed Straight Sword: Utilizes the full Barbed Straight Sword moveset. See page for details.
  • Stance: Uses the Weapon Art of the Barbed Straight Sword to take a stance.
    • Follows up with a guard breaking upward swing.

Item Drops

The Armor of Thorns Set can be found on a body by Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth in Rosaria's Bed Chamber after defeating him.



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