Giant Archer of the Undead Settlement
Giant Archer of the Undead Settlement
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 ? ?
1 ? ?
2 ? ?
3 ? ?
4 ? ?
5 ? ?
6 ? ?
7 ? ?
Strike Weakness Strike ?
Slash Weakness Slash ?
Thrust Weakness Thrust ?
Magic Resistance Magic ?
Fire Resistance Fire ?
Lightning Resistance Lightning ?
Dark Resistance Dark ?
Bleed Immunity Bleed ?
Poison Immunity Poison ?
Frost Immunity Frost ?


"I help anytime."


Can be found entering the tower where you first meet Siegward of Catarina and riding the elevator up.

Item Drops

General Information

He is the giant that shoots arrows at anyone (the player or enemies) near the white trees in Undead Settlement, Farron Keep and Cathedral of the Deep.


  • The player must have a Young White Branch in their inventory in order to be able to speak with the Giant.
  • After making peace with him he will no longer shoot arrows at you, and will only target enemies. This carries over to NG+
  • If the player loots all Young White Branches from the trees, the giant will die and the Hawk Ring will be in front of him.
  • The Young White Branch received from the giant has a unique flavor text:

Branch of a white birch received from a giant,
apparently as a token of friendship.

Become something that blends in to the
surroundings. Consumed with use.

"Good friend, no hit."


Voiced by: ???


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